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Motivational weight loss workout

How many of you have taken a moment to breath and think about your life?  Were you happy with it 100%?  Whether it is a small change or a large one, we all have dreams and our comfort zones are most likely keeping us from achieving these goals/dreams.  Never is it okay to forget our dreams, no matter the reason.  With enough willpower and planning, anything can be accomplished as long as each and every one of us keeps the dream alive.  Sometimes we may have to try a few hundred times but that does not mean we can not keep our dreams alive.  Work towards what you want in life, it will be worth the challenge in the end.  Most things don’t come easily, so relish in the delight in the hard work being done to complete your dreams.  You will be thankful in the end you did not give up this one last time.  I encourage all of you to look within yourself and make a dream, work towards it and move beyond those comfort zones into your new life you have always dreamt of living.

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What’s your dream?