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Posts have been sparse lately, I’m sure you have noticed.  Genki Husband and I have been traveling recently to the sunny state of California.  Never have we traveled to California in November so this trip was an experience for sure.  Thanks to the weather of a strong El Niño, California was having unseasonal rain and slightly cooler temperatures for this time of year.  El Niño is the effect of unseasonal warmer water in the Pacific Ocean.  It leads to warmer weather in the northern states and more rain than normal in the southern ones.  So, it was an experience to take a trip to the desert and wish we had packed an umbrella or a jacket.  How many desert tourists can say that?  Compared to our cozy Indiana city it was cooler in the dessert even with the sunshine.  It was an adventure in the making for certain.

Our time in California was filled with adventure to the desert to see Joshua Trees (which for some reason I continue to mistakenly call Jacob Trees) and experience a different part of our vast country that not many step in to venture.  My bucket list also included the Honda Musical Mile Roadway, which is now about 1/4 of a mile.  It’s still just as thrilling to be serenaded by a roadway which I thought I would never be able to state.

So instead of sharing in words our experience out to the California desert and then the coast again, I made short 6 minute photo montage video.  Enjoy!

Let me know, what is the strangest thing on your bucket list?

Note:  All photos were taken with my geriatric iPhone 4.  Next trip my DSLR will be going along to capture those gorgeous desert sunsets and one-of-a-kind landscape pictures.