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“I could never go vegan since I couldn’t give up cheese.”  Yep, this is something I hear as a vegan all the time.  This statement makes me laugh each and every time.  Cheese has been one of the hardest things to give up as a vegan.  As a vegetarian, I had copious amounts of cheese per meal and it wasn’t a problem until I did my research through health studies and animal rights’ videos.  Now I feel as though I have kicked this food addiction however I do have that creamy cheese craving, especially when it comes to macaroni and cheese which just happens to be my ‘comfort food’.  It’s hard to think of macaroni and cheese without thinking of cheese, right?  Pizza without cheese, okay but macaroni and cheese – well, it’s part of the namesake so… (see the my video)

Normally I make a delicious macaroni and cheese that I’ve had for years now but I constantly try out new recipes just to make sure I have the greatest option.  In fact, I make a macaroni and cheese recipe just about once a month (okay maybe a few times a month).  Last month I tested out a recipe that included cashews, which we concluded isn’t really our type of ‘chez’ recipe.  A few we’ve tried over the years is this one, this one or even this one just to name a few.  Today’s test recipe is from Webicurean, a website I just came across the other day.

The recipe evolves around the Japanese influenced salty factor of cheese considering it has soy sauce (tamari) and miso paste.  Most of the ingredients are normally staples in our kitchen so I figured why not, it’s worth a try right?  We did have to purchase tomato paste because it’s not normally in our kitchen but not sure if that’s just us or not.  Anyways, I made a video while preparing this recipe.  It was super easy but did take some time just to get all the ingredients together and in place.  I’d say the time totals given by the author were just about correct.  My only changes were instead of brown rice macaroni I used Quinoa pasta since it holds together much better (thanks SweatSixteen for the suggestion), doubled the nutritional yeast and subtracted the breadcrumbs.  These were all due to personal tastes, but since it’s how I made it I should mention the differences.

All in all, we did like the recipe for the one time dinner entrée but wasn’t sure if it was a ‘macaroni and cheese’ substitute.  If you are a pasta sauce lover, I think you would like this recipe but if you have a cheesy need, I’d look elsewhere.  It’s more of a tomato’y sauce instead of cheesy.  So depending on what you have in mind for dinner, I’d either suggest it or not.

Today’s Feature is another Cooking with Genki Video! 

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