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Yesterday I was under the weather (which was snowy yet again), my husband swears the cooler the weather the worse I feel. What can I say I’m a total warm weather person… Not to downplay how cold it was outside but we did get some snow, just not as bad as a week ago with the large freak snow storm that hammered Virginia. It was strange to say the least though that in mid-day on Saturday we were eating lunch outside on our porch and on Sunday we were scraping snow off our cars. To this Midwestern I find it very strange to now live in a mountainous area where it can snow when it’s in the 40-50’s. So as you can expect I was in need of some major comfort food and for this vegan lady that means vegan mac-n-cheese.

Very befittingly I found a recipe by the self-appointed Queen of Veggie Burgers, Joni Marie Newman over at Just The Food.  (She co-wrote one of my favorite Vegan Substitute Books, check her out!)  When I come across a recipe that looks tasty, I save the website link and go back to it when I have all the ingredients on hand. This recipe does take ½ cup of raw cashews, 2 cups soy creamer and a few other ingredients that I don’t normally have on hand for cooking. But this last weekend we went into Washington D.C. to purchase some groceries from Trader Joes and Lotte Plaza so I had them on hand just in case. (Love those stores!)

This was my first time making a pasta sauce (minus pesto) with nuts. I love raw nuts and seeing as they are pricy I tend to not waste my precious raw nuts in cooked items. When you cook with nuts, they loose some of the nutrients- booo…. 😦 But I’m a foodie so it was high time I stopped shunning nut sauce. I wasn’t sure what to expect since cashews are a bit sweet but I plowed through the recipe anyways.

In the end I found that the sweetness rather overloaded the sauce. For me, cheesy vegan sauce is rather salty and that’s probably why I love it so much since I’m a savory kinda gal. When I made the sauce, it smelled just like cow’s milk cheese sauce but without the guilt. Yum! At this time, I did taste test it but it was a bit sweet so I just thought to myself, “it’s okay because it will calm itself while baking”. After baking, um, it didn’t get more savory but rather even more sweet. Without telling the DH my opinions, his food bite his face turned sour and said it was really sweet.

So although this recipe did not turn out as savory for us, it would be nice for children and people that have a sweet tooth. The sauce is perfectly creamy but not runny and attaches to the pasta so with each bite you get a well-rounded bite of sauce and pasta. (That’s a sign of a good sauce.) So although my first impressions of nut sauce met my pessimistic expectations, I would suggest you try it out for yourself (along with all her other delicious looking recipes) at the amazing foodie website at Just The Food. Who knows it could just be our taste buds… Try it out and let me know what you think! Maybe I should have tried out one of the self-appointed Queen of Veggie Burgers burgers first… LOL

Are you a nut sauce person? If so, what’s your favorite recipe.