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Vegan in Nappannee, IN, USAThis post has been waiting for a while to be posted, maybe a month!  So please forgive me for keeping you in the lurk if you are a follower of my Instagram account.  I posted photos during our first two trips to this tiny town in Indiana.  We wanted to visit this new city that is about 45 minutes from South Bend, Indiana. It’s an easy drive and if you like to look at the landscape of corn fields, it’s very pretty.  Here are our adventures with the two trips to this city.

driving through northern indiana This is basically the view from South Bend to Nappanee, Indiana. There are also a lot, I mean A LOT, of corn fields too.

Vegan in nappanee, indiana This is what it looks like when you finally get into the city limits of Nappanee, Indiana. Exciting isn’t it?

horse and carriage amish indiana It’s not uncommon to see horse and carriages still on the roads today. Please treat these as cars or bicycles and drive with caution around the horses. The horses usually have blinders around the outside of their eyes but it is still scary for them, especially young horses. You can pass them but please go slow.

Nappanee, Indiana Post Office Don’t worry though, there is a city downtown that is historic and a great find in the middle of nowhere Indiana. This is the post office. I just loved the tree stump that was turned into a sign. Great usage of natural resources!

Main Street Coffee Nappanee, indiana vegan There’s even a wonderful coffee house called Main Street Coffee. It’s seriously the best take-home coffee we have had since moving to Indiana. The coffee house roasts all their own beans.

Coffee lovers sign Just to the right of the fireplace was this quote about coffee.

Almond Milk Latte from Main Street Coffee Indiana Not only did we purchase a lb of coffee to go home (Highlander Glogg) but we also ordered a almond milk latte. Yes, they actually sell almond milk!!!! I think they also had soy milk but who wants soy when there is almond milk. Mmmmm It was worth the money and we actually wanted to get a few more to take home since we haven’t found a good coffee house yet in South Bend.

coffee house sign Another sign in the coffee house – so adorable!

True latte mmm The latte was so delicious it deserves another picture moment. You can tell it was a well crafted mug of latte since the bottom is nice and dark – not white from putting too much of milk to coffee ratio. Not everyone can make lattes!

Thai Monkey Pod Wood stands We also found a Thai furniture store of all places in Amish country. We have been looking for end tables for a long time that matched our international style. These were perfect! Stools that we intend on using for end tables in our living room. These are hand-carved from Thailand and are Monkey Pod Wood. I believe the store was Thai Expressions. They are gorgeous but a bit hard to find the proper wood oil for them.

Charity apples Decorated Apples throughout the city are for charity purposes I believe. This is becoming more popular on the Eastern Coast. A company will donate money to have an apple and then each one is painted however one wants…

Decorated apples Another apple with a different theme. I think this one was the community players apple?

Dutch Village Antique Mall Nappanee, IN, USA This is one of the reasons why we wanted to adventure to Nappanee. It is not only a restaurant (no vegan options) but it also has what they liked to refer to as an Antique Mall.

Antique Mall in Nappanee, IN Outside the Antique Mall that is actually a Flea Market. This was posted online as a place for antiques but I’m afraid it was rather a flea market – many stalls were actually things that can be purchased just about anywhere. There were a few antiques but nothing really of value. The mall is setup for individuals rent a stall area and they can put just about anything inside it from what we saw. If you want antiques like us, this isn’t the spot for you. (Go downtown) But if you like flea markets, go ahead and take a gander.

Antique mall in nappanee, in Inside the mall. You can see the stalls here.

Grandma's Pantry in Wakarusa, IN, USA On our way home we stopped at a grocery store called Grandma’s Pantry and bought a few things including these spices. There are a lot of bulk items to purchase such as flours, spices, herbs, and etc. They also sell food items but unfortunately nothing was vegan. (Just don’t smell the vanilla powder – I learned my lesson after being surprised there was such as thing…  not a good idea!)

Anyone ever been to Nappanee or Wakarusa Indiana?  I would love to know what you love about the two cities, I am sure we missed some things.