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Pho from Bowl of Pho in Mishawaka, IN Have I told you my latest adventure?  As many of you already know, I do speak a few different languages but have always wanted to learn more.  It’s my dream to be a polyglot some day where I can travel the world and speak to many different people and learn their stories in his/her own native tongue.  Translations are nice but as I was just talking about this with a neighbor from Poland we both came to the conculsion there is something that gets lots in a crossover between the languages.  Sometimes I go to speak something in Japanese or German because it is more meaningful in the other language.  To someone that does not speak another language, this may sound strange but to those of you whom do you will understand this statement.  It’s hard to explain…

But with that in mind, I have been immersing myself in my latest language adventure – Korean!  Now I have studied a bit of Korean before when I was going to be staying there for 1/2 a month on vacation while living in Japan.  But as time has gone by, I have forgotten the very little I picked up while staying there. Korea is one of my many favorite countries to visit and if I had a choice, I might even think about moving there if I weren’t married.  But I am happily married so for now I will study at home.  The internet is amazing though for learning Korean, there are so many more options than other languages.  The Korean government has really reached out to foreigners and gives every chance possible for us to learn about the language and culture there.  I appreciate this effort so much!  So now I am learning to read Hangul and attempting to self-study grammar.  In the future I want to be able to speak with people online but for now I must learn the basics to get started.  If you speak Korean or are from there, I would love to hear from you!!!

My first attempt at immersion is of course music which I already own tons and television shows from YouTube.  Additionally I am making a lot more Asian inspired foods and testing out making vegan Korean foods in my kitchen.  We love Korean food so this is not so hard.  In our area there is not a Korean restaurant that I know of that is open still so we are eating out at Asian foods and thinking it’s Korean.  That counts kind of right?  ha-ha  Maybe not but it’s closer than American food.

Bowl of Pho in Mishawaka, IN, USA vegan options As with the photo above, I am still addicted to Pho. If there was a place to get Korean stew, I would fall in love. If any of you live in the South Bend, Indiana area and would like to make me Korean food I’m all for it! This is from the popular Bowl of Pho in Mishawaka, IN, USA. This is definitely the best in town! If you are going through here, I highly recommend this place.

Noodle Alley in Mishawaka, IN Another bowl of Pho from a Thai restaurant (strange, I know)… This was from Noodle Alley in Mishawaka, IN, USA. This isn’t our most favorite restaurant but we wanted to test it out a few times before making a final decision.

Noodle Alley in Mishawaka, IN Another Thai Dish from Noodle Alley. It was okay but rather greasy.

Bowl of Pho Mishawaka, IN vegan Genki Husband is addicted to this lemongrass tofu. It’s not the healthiest since it’s deep-fried but as long as it is ordered in moderation (unlike my addiction to Pho) it is okay.

So that is our adventures in eating out trying to get immersed in Korean life.  Well the closest we can get to it in our tiny Indiana town.  Can you believe there is not even a good Chinese restaurant in the area that serves tofu?  (that we have found)  How many college towns can say that?  This is a new world for us.