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31 Weeks twin belly bump

Sorry for the slow release of week 31’s blog post, it completely slipped my mind.  Do not fear, we are still hanging tight and keeping these babies on the inside.  So let’s get on with the blog, click the link to read more about this last week’s adventure growing vegan twins.


Month Due: June 2017

Twins Gender: Boy/Girl

Food: Love food still, no issues with feeling too full.  According to my OB/GYN, most mother’s-to-be will stop gaining weight the last month or so as the babies are taking up too much room.  Nope, not here, I love food!  I’m always very conscious of what is going on my plate to assure I am eating enough food to supply enough to gain the proper weight per week.  My favorite foods lately have been super loaded salads.  A loaded salad for me is basically a plate filled with the first layer of organic mixed red leaf lettuce, a type of bean/legume/tofu/etc protein, a grain such as rice or quinoa, then a homemade salad dressing or hummus topping.  Normally I have around two different types of protein per meal and normally I like to have two protein servings. Each meal I try to get a good portion of natural fat such as avocados, as it helps the babies brains grow strong and healthy.  Additionally, I am still loving fresh fruit and watermelon.  Oh and homemade banana nice cream has also become a common meal as it is getting rather warm outside.  On one given day, I will eat 3 full meals and at least 3 snacks.

CravingsI still do not have any pregnancy cravings,  I do love fresh fruit though.  (But then again I always do so…)

Aversions: None.

Prenatal Vitamins:  No changes, rather happy with the ones I am taking right now.  Unless my OB/GYN sees something new, I am certain I will stick with these supplements until the end of the pregnancy.  I have started to take natural magnesium Calm powder mixed with water for pregnancy constipation (the joys of pregnancy).

Symptoms: Not too many different symptoms this week, compared to last week.  I still do not have back aches, nor any other major problems.  My main issue this week has been twitches in my “lower region”, which is caused by the twins growing and kicking more nerves down below.  On a positive note, the back stabbing pain I had a few times last week from Baby Girl hitting a nerve are completely gone.  Dry skin is starting to occur again, as it did in the beginning of the pregnancy.  I am eating more natural fat, however it is not enough.  So coconut oil has become my friend even more so during the third trimester.  Hip pain has also started during the evening when I am sleeping, caused by my pelvis preparing for labor.  Finally, constipation is starting to affect me in the last few weeks of this pregnancy.  I am keeping it under control as much as possible though with Magnesium Calm.

Milestones: Week 31 is a main milestone within itself.  But, I did have two more doctors’ appointments this week, my perinatologist and my OB/GYN.  From our ultrasound at the perinatologist (which is a more detailed machine), gave us good news about the twins growth.  Normally Baby Girl is a few ounces larger than her brother however this week she was 2oz’s smaller.  She weighed 3lbs 10oz and Baby Boy was 3 lbs 12oz.  Our team of doctors are thrilled with the twins growth, as they is only a 3% discordance between the two (anything over 20% is a worry).  This means the twins are still sharing perfectly.  Their heartbeats are nice and strong and still in the 150’s.  Twins must have their heartbeats checked by ultrasound as it is impossible to accurately hear the difference between the two with a doppler.  As for my cervix, it was around 2.2cm.  It did shortened a tiny bit however it was not of a concern for the doctors as it was still above 2.0cm.  Since we are getting very close to our due date, the cervix should be getting a bit shorter by this time in the pregnancy.  At this point, if the cervix goes below 2.0cm (conservative, 1.5cm for nonconservative) then I will be administered two rounds of lung steroids just in case they are delivered early.  This is a precaution that many twins need to get just to make sure their lungs progress enough to stay out of the NICO.  Remember, twins do not go a full 40 weeks as the placentas commonly become disconnected before birth.  So at our 33 week appointment we will find out if we need to have these shots.  These shots take 1-2 weeks to actively work, so it’s essential to keep a close eye on the cervix to catch it as soon as possible.  This is why I am so thankful we have a team of specialists working with us since these lung steroids have been known to help considerable all the way up until 36 weeks of pregnancy for twins.

I’m Excited About: Each and every day is a blessing and we look forward to seeing the days count down until our delivery date.  Twins can successfully stay out of the NICO if they are 5 lbs each and over 34 weeks gestational age.  So we are so blessed to be getting so close, every additional day in the womb is a blessing.  As far as everything else, we are looking forward to our reclining glider chair to arrive.  We were surprised to find out the chairs are handmade from Buy Buy Baby and take around 6-8 weeks. Our induction date will be no later than 6 weeks from now, if we need it.  Right now we have a stand in, camping rocking chair that we purchased to have around just in case.

I’m Nervous About:  Each day I am nervous about the health of the twins and my cervix.  I love having a team of specialists however sometimes it does create a bit of stress since more is known than with singleton pregnancies.  But we are blessed to know so we can be more careful and stay on top of the twins health and happiness.  Additionally, I am constantly concerned about Baby Girl since she has slowed down with her movements.  Our doctors have stated as long as she moves at least once, everything is fine but it still worries me.  She is baby A, which means she is the first in line to come out, so she has more pressure on her as she’s on the bottom of my stomach.  So this makes her movements harder to feel, plus space is getting tighter so I am sure this adds to it.

Exercise:.  This area is still very hard for me, since I have been told less is better when having twins.  Each doctor is different, this is just what my doctors have recommend.    This last week I have started to do some special movements to help reduce hip pain and to help my cervix loosen up for birth.  These movements are suggested by midwives and other pregnancy experts.  Anything to help loosen the stress on my body during pregnancy is good in my mind.

Note:  If you have any suggestions for a twin pregnancy, I would love to hear your comments.  Or just anything in general, advice is always accepted and appreciated.  Books and medical professionals can only give so much information, personal experience is sometimes much better than anything else.