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26 weeks twin pregnant belly bump vegan

Week 30 is coming close, we are a mere month away now as we are in week 26.  The twins have been growing right on target and are healthy as can be according to all the tests that have been conducted and ultrasounds completed.  We are so blessed to be having these two babies and just love sharing this experience with our vegan pregnancy with all of you.


Month Due: June 2017

Twins Gender: Boy/Girl

Food: My preferences still have not changed however I am trying to add even more protein into my diet.  Near the end of the 2nd trimester and throughout the 3rd trimester, doctors state a baby should be gaining around 1/2 a pound (1/4 kg) a week.  That’s a lot of growth for two babies, a total of 1 lb (1/2 kg) a week in total for my body.  So my doctor has suggested I take in even more protein, less fat and less carbs to assure the babies get enough to grow upon.  Up until now I have been getting around 60-80grams of protein a day, now I am getting 100-120+ a day.  So that means I am being more conscious of how many carb/fats I’m intaking to assure I do not fill up before I have the recommended amount of protein.  Of course, there are days I do have more or less of each food group since babies will take what they need from my body if the food has not been met per day.  So this means I take in a lot of beans, tofu (no more than 2x a day), seeds, and etc.  Additionally, I drink at least 2-3 glasses of almond milk to assure I am getting more than enough calcium per day, along with all the calcium from my fresh produce.

Cravings: Still not really anything out of the ordinary.  I’m still waiting for watermelon though, but this is a seasonal thing in our house.

Aversions: Nothing still…

Prenatal Vitamins:  Deva Prenatal Vitamins, Solgar Vegan Prenatal Folic Acid supplement and Vegan DEVA DHA.  All of my supplements are plant-based and 100% vegan, no fake ingredients.

Symptoms: So far so good on just about all “normal” pregnancy symptoms, I am so thankful!  My most recent pregnancy issues would have to be sore hips at least once a week while I sleep, this could also be due to relaxing more throughout the day.  Not that I am on complete bed rest, my specialist just wishes for me to take it easy and not overdo anything since the babies are getting heavier and it can lead to more issues down the road with a smaller body frame like mine.  Going to the bathroom more has become a favorite pastime of mine too, once an hour during the day and every two hours at night.  As my cervix showed issues over a month ago, this schedule has been researched and found to decrease pressure on the cervix.  A full bladder can actually weaken a cervix, especially when one baby is right on top of it.  Speaking of my cervix, I had it measured again this last week and it was still exactly the same, no issues at all.  Hooray!  My only other new findings are round ligament pain (growing pains just above my hip bones on each side).  This and a very tight stomach due to the skin stretching, lotion is my greatest friend right now.

Milestones: We were able to go to another specialist appointment this week and find out more measurements, not to mention see our babies with the 3D/4D scanner once again.   Although all of the appointments do add up in the price department (thankfully we have great insurance so far and only pay a co-pay) but we are thankful we get to go so often.  I am not sure how I would feel not seeing the measurements and checking on all the vitals every few weeks.  Our twins are now just over 2lbs each, they are actually a few ounces bigger than the average.  There was a slight 6% discordance between the two, baby boy being smaller, however this could just be a difference in measurements.  Weights are guesses with an average taken of all the measurements of the baby, so anything under 20% is not a worry. So we are incredibly thankful and feel blessed that not only are the babies both doing great but I am also doing great.  Oh and for those of you keeping track I have gained around 18-19 lbs so far in this twin pregnancy, right on track.

I’m Excited About:  I’m excited for week 30 to come and go with the twins being super healthy and happy, less than a month away.  There is something special about each week we go in this pregnancy, it’s one week closer to our babies’ arrival and our new lives can begin.  Not that I want to rush their arrival, we are hoping to make it to week 38 but only God knows the answer to this right now.

I’m Nervous About: Every day I am worried about my cervix and if my estimates on my activity is too much for the twins to handle, or my cervix.  A singleton pregnancy it is said to exercise as much as possible however when one is growing more than one baby inside, things are much more complicated.  During the first trimester and part of the second I think if you are healthy pre-pregnancy, it is completely healthy to exercise.  However, as my body has told us, one should be extra careful because just walking around is a big task when carrying two babies inside.  A multiple pregnancy is completely different from a singleton, something it is very had to understand if you have never had multiples.  So my worries are always my cervix holding up and the growth of the twins inside.

Exercise:  My OB/GYN has given me permission to do light exercise such as prenatal yoga, pilates and also light weight lifting of 6lbs.  I am not allowed to do too much each day though.  So, my main form of exercise right now is carrying around these adorable twins. Still nothing really has changed from last week, although I am doing a bit more cooking/baking in preparation for our return from the hospital.

Other thoughts and feelings:  We are still so very thankful for each day our twins are healthily growing inside my body, no issues to complain about yet.  Even though there are slight growth pains and I can get distracted by the constant movements inside, I love every part of it.  I would not change it for the world, I am so thankful I get to be having twins and doing it with a wonderful husband.

Note:  If you have any suggestions for a twin pregnancy, I would love to hear your comments.  Or just anything in general, advice is always accepted and appreciated.  Books and medical professionals can only give so much information, personal experience is sometimes much better than anything else.