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24 weeks twin pregnancy belly bump vegan

24 weeks have come and past, it’s a great feeling to now be in our 25th week.  Each week, as my twin belly grows, this pregnancy feels more well.  In the early days, before showing, it’s a surreal feeling as if everything is a secret.  Now that there is no method known to mankind on how to hide my twin belly bump, it brings the truth to light and makes it feel like an announcement to the world each step outside the door. It doesn’t bother me though as it feels more safe with the outside world knowing I’m with babies.  Along with showing, there are some newer complications and milestones which occurred this week.

Note:  Whew!  Look at that belly!  Love it so much!  These photos are copyright protected, you must have written and signed permission from me to post or share in a repost on another site.  All photos are taken early on the first day of the next week, sans makeup and any special hair treatment.  Pregnancy makes a woman so gorgeous, I fully embrace every second of my appearance during this time.

Month Due: June 2017

Twins Gender: Boy/Girl (Announced Here)

Food: Loving food still but craving more fruit than anything else these days, wish some were in season.  Can’t wait until the official start of strawberry season!  Just for a look into my menu: breakfast usually consists of protein oats or pancakes, lunch is leftovers and dinner is a combination of 80% protein and the rest of fresh veggies or fruit.  My favorite meal right now is quinoa pasta with vegan chez sauce made from nutritional yeast (contains B12 and tons of protein). Sounds unhealthy but can be made healthy and nutritious.  Additionally I have fallen in love with no-oil baked potato edges with tons of fresh steamed spinach and vegan “chili” on top.  Snacks are pretty much all over the place, trying to get in as much food as possible these days without getting too full.

Cravings: Still not a real big change in cravings, other than my normal cravings. Who doesn’t crave watermelon and berries?  I have been thinking about donuts lately though, as I have not had one for a year now.  We used to get vegan approved donuts occasionally throughout the years however when we decided we were going to try to get pregnant, we cut these sugar, fat-laden items off our menu plans.  So maybe I can call that a craving?  But then again if I had deleted it from our diet any other year, I probably would have thought about them still.

Aversions: Nothing still…

Prenatal Vitamins:  This last week I was running low on Rainbow Light Vegan Prenatal Vitamins, so I went ahead and bought some Deva Prenatal Vitamins instead.  The Rainbow Light vitamins contained everything that my body needed for twin-building however the size of the pills were just too large for me.  I am not a pill taker, hence I would choke and gag on them a least every other day.  It was getting dangerous and I feared my throat was going to be damaged if I continued with these pills.  So I went back to my trusty Deva brand and I bought Solgar Vegan Prenatal Folic Acid supplements.  When having twins, it is essential to get at least 800mg of folic acid so I take an extra supplement for this reason.  Additionally I still have Vegan DEVA DHA for brain growth of the twins and use nutritional yeast on just about everything for the protein and B12 content. All of my supplements are plant-based and 100% vegan.

Symptoms: This week we went in to our perinatologist for a recheck on my cervix length and progress.  He was more than happy with the length of my cervix and said I was allowed to continue on with more activities but no exercise outside, prenatal yoga and 6lb weight were approved if done responsibly.  My Braxton Hicks False Contractions have slowed down and I believe the extra rest did have a good impact on my cervix.  So we are completely in the clear for now as far as length, hooray!  I was given instructions to take it easy though and try to stay on bed rest for relaxation, instead of all the work I was doing beforehand.  Beyond my cervix, I have been having slight pains in my hips as they expand for the big day and because I am resting on them more often.  Apparently I am told I am supersensitive to the pressure of the babies on my main vein in my back (reason why pregnant mothers are told to not lay on the back), so I have to lay on my side of sit slightly offset.  If I don’t do this I get very hot, sick feeling and in my ultrasounds I tend to pass out.  So these days it is hard to sit at the dining table without pillows and/or sitting on the sofa can be a challenge.

Milestones: The twins are now 1lb 7oz each!  They are actually right on target with their health/weight checkup via ultrasound was perfect. This week we went to the perinatologist and my normal OB/GYN, both were super happy with the twins progress so far.  We pray for their continued success in growth and health.  My weight is also right on target according to my OB/GYN.  He did mention as we are going into our 3rd trimester he would like to see me start to gain 2 lbs a week from here on out.  His reason was not due to my lack of weight gain but rather because near the end of the twin pregnancy he said most mothers tend to lose weight as there is not enough room in the stomach to eat large amounts per day.  So that means I now must eat more as we are getting closer to their due dates.  I can’t believe we only have 3 more months left!

I’m Excited About:  Getting off precautionary partial bed rest was the excitement of my entire week.  I pray I never have to go on bed rest again as it is mentally and physically very challenging.  My lifestyle is very active (which I know I will need to change once the twins are here) but I have issues with depression when I must stay put for long periods of time.  Additionally, I am excited we were able to see Baby Girl hiccup in our ultrasound, first time for either of them.  It was adorable!  I hope to see Baby Boy hiccup next time.

I’m Nervous About: Our next perinatologist appointment is going to be a concern each and every time I go now.  Not only do we have to wait in the waiting room for around 2 hours or more but it is very stressful to not know what is the outcome of my cervix length.  I am taking great strides to take it easy and not do much anymore, minus small activities but there is nothing that can be done when having the weight of the twins resting on my cervix.  Multiple pregnancies are completely different from singletons, there are so many more complications.

Exercise:  My OB/GYN has given me permission to do light exercise such as prenatal yoga and also light weight lifting of 6lbs.  It used to be 10lbs but thanks to my shortened cervix scare, I am now down to 6 lbs.  It’s fine with me though as I do not want to hurt the chance of survival or health of my twins.  So my exercise is basic and then I also do light household chores and still cook all of our meals.  Genki Husband has been a trooper through this whole bed rest issue though.  He has taken up the yard work and some of the household chores that I am no allowed to do (such as lifting laundry baskets (allow though I hang and fold everything still).

Other thoughts and feelings:  Each day of our twins survival and good health is such a blessing.  We are so thankful to have them growing alongside the charts for singletons.  Additionally we are thankful they are growing 100% in discordance with each other (means they share nicely).

Note:  If you have any suggestions for a twin pregnancy, I would love to hear your comments.  Or just anything in general, advice is always accepted and appreciated.  Books and medical professionals can only give so much information, personal experience is sometimes much better than anything else.