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21 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Belly Bump Photo

21 weeks pregnant with twins and still going strong.  Just the other day, I was thinking to myself it’s amazing to think it’s almost spring and we first got pregnant in the late summer/early fall season.  That can only mean we are getting closer to seeing our healthy and happy twins, so exciting!  This week I did have some changes in my belly as it has grown outward and a bit more upward, at least in my opinion.  Additionally some of my symptoms have changed so click ahead to read more about these changes in week 21.

NOTE:  MY PHOTOS ARE TAKEN AT THE VERY END OF EACH WEEK, HENCE THESE TWO PHOTOS ARE TAKEN AT THE START OF WEEK 23.  NORMALLY I TAKE THESE PHOTOS AS I JUST WAKE UP ON SATURDAY MORNING, VERY EARLY, SANS MAKEUP AND HAIR CORRECTIONS. I DO NOT HIDE FROM SHARING MY EXPERIENCES, NOR MY GROWTH PHOTOS. PREGNANCY IS NOT SOMETHING EVERYONE CAN DO, ESPECIALLY A NATURAL TWIN PREGNANCY SO I WANT TO SHARE EVERY LITTLE PIECE OF TRUTH THE ENTIRE PROCESS.  Please ignore the sock change, I realized I had put on pink socks with a red top, gasp!  Additionally I did make a change into maternity leggings however they do not feel very well, maternity clothing is still not made for short people, these sag in places I wish would not and I constantly have to pull them up even though these are the smallest available size that can fit my twin belly.

Month Due: June 2017 (official date was July 1, 2017 however not so with twins)

Twins Gender: Announced here.

Food: Still no worries at all with any sort of food.  I’ve read many mothers have issues with heartburn, I am blessed with no having this issue, especially thankful since I eat lots of sodium free chili pepper sauce.  In general, I love quinoa/brown rice pasta, quinoa, Japanese rice, lentils, leafy greens, clementines, bananas, peanut butter, and various types of fruits and veggies.  I’ve also noticed I have more of a sweet tooth, something pre-pregnancy I did not like at all.  Maybe it’s because I am reducing my sodium intake as I have read multiple pregnancies can cause an increase risk of high blood pressure.

Cravings: For the most part, I have not had cravings at all.  Pre-pregnancy times, I would have weird cravings so I guess this has changed now that I am pregnant.  We used to joke it would be hard to know if I was pregnant, as I always eat strange normally.  Guess we were right…

Aversions: Nothing still…

Prenatal Vitamins:  Still Rainbow Light Vegan Prenatal Vitamins and Vegan DEVA DHA.  Additionally, I love to add nutritional yeast on just about everything for the protein and B12 content.

Symptoms: My stomach still feels tight most of the time, especially when I’m walking around.  Last OB/GYN visit, I asked about this issue and I was told it is due to gravity and the weight of the twins.  So if it’s just the twins growing, I am very thankful for this tight/heavy feeling.  This last week I also have been feeling Braxton Hicks false contractions, quite often.  There’s no continuous association of when the BH happen, nor is there a pattern or pain, so all still should be good.  I have read when having twins, there are more BH and stronger ones than with a singleton pregnancy. I have another appointment with my specialist in a few days so I will be able to know the status of my cervix (praying nothing has changed from last month).  I’m sure nothing has changed, as a FTM (first time mom), I always worry when I have them, especially when I am walking.  So that means, I have been not been going on my one walks but rather short ones until I talk to my doctor.  I am keeping active with yoga, lifting weights, house cleaning and yard work.  Still active, thank-goodness!  Additionally, I have been having a hard time finding the perfect spot sitting at night after a long day of activity.

Milestones: My stomach is still growing and I love watching it grow daily, I’m not afraid of getting larger, I would be more worried if it stopped growing.  With that being said, I am still gaining about 1-1.5 lbs per week, following my OB/GYN’s instructions.  Some days I find I will gain a few more ounces than normal and then I don’t gain any for another day or two.  It all just balances out.  So now I have gained around 13 lbs, right on track.  The twins health is the most important thing though, I do not worry about the weight gain as long as they are healthy and happy.

I’m Excited About:  Our new car seats arrival, which we received already.  We attached them to our stroller to see how it worked with the adapters I bought on Amazon and each one worked beautifully. This weekend we are planning on testing them out in our family car, we still have another vehicle to purchase but this trial will help us decide upon our second car.

I’m Nervous About: The weight of the twins and health is always a concern for me, probably the same with every mother-to-be.  Additionally, as mentioned above, I am worried with the BH false contractions with walking.  Hopefully our next specialist appointment will calm my nerves and I can relax just a bit.

Exercise:  Up until this week, I have been walking at least 4 miles a day outside.  With the BH, I have been walking only around 1 mile, 2x a day.  I am not sore when I walk, I just worry about the thickness of my cervix and the health of our babies.  So if the OB/GYN okays everything, I will go back to my normal walks.  To compensate my shorter walks, I am also doing more yoga and weight lifting.  One thing I really love right now is loosening up my hips on my exercise ball.  This reduces my aches at nighttime while sleeping.

Other thoughts and feelings:  We have yet to purchase a reclining/rocking chair for the nursery.  Thanks to the double cribs, our nursery does feel a bit tight for my minimalist mindset.  We want a reclining chair that is small, as I am under 5’ tall, and one that is glider and very soft as I will spend many hours in it with twins.  So if you have any suggestions, please help out in the comment section, thanks.

Note:  If you have any suggestions for a twin pregnancy, I would love to hear your comments.  Or just anything in general, advice is always accepted and appreciated.  Books and medical professionals can only give so much information, personal experience is sometimes much better than anything else.