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Twin Gender Reveal

Two weeks now we have known the gender of the twins, however, it has been a whirlwind of sharing the news with family and friends first.  10 weeks ago we found out the gender of one baby from our MaterniT noninvasive genetics test but we were told the gender of the babies were not to be 100% confirmed until week 20.  Thankfully we had our first perinatologist appointment a few days before the start of week 20 so there was no question to the sex of the twins.  Genki Husband and I could not be happier with the twins who are both happy and perfectly healthy.  So today I will announce the gender of our twins below, just click the link.

As previously mentioned, Genki Husband and I are having twins (vegan twins).  This is a natural twin pregnancy, as we have to mention as many people ask after hearing we are expecting twins.  As I tried to explain to our perinatologist at the first appointment, the twins were a complete surprise, as twins do not run in either of our families.  We were just double blessed with this sweet surprise at our first ultrasound.  Now that I have that out of the way, I can go on to the reveal.

Our first perinatologist appointment was a bit nerve-racking as we were at a different doctor, in a different city and not really sure what to expect.  We were told we would be measuring the entire body of both babies and we would probably be able to find the gender of both babies at this appointment.  Our OB/GYN stated he would prefer to wait until 20 weeks to tell the gender as this is when the anatomy is in the clearest of view.

So sitting 1/2 nude with a thin sheet of paper covering myself, we waited patiently for the ultrasound specialist to come in to take our babies’ measurements.  Little did we know almost the first words out of her mouth were going to be the sex of both babies. She new we had no idea for one of the babies so I’m sure it was a thrill for her to show us the gender.  Baby A (lowest in my stomach on the left) was announced first and to our surprise, it was a baby girl!  We already knew from our genetic test that one of the babies had given a reading of a Y chromosome, so that meant Baby B (on my right side) was the boy.

Twin Pregnancy Gender Reveal

This whole pregnancy I have been thinking we were going to have a boy/girl combination of twins.  The only difference is I thought the babies were going to be switched, not that it matters at all but just fun to guess on things when pregnant.  So we are just so excited to know we will have a boy and a girl to love and raise from this day forward.  Both babies were given “absolutely perfect” health and were measuring right on track.  Baby Girl was 11oz and Baby Boy was 10oz, perfect for their gestation age.  The measurements are scientific guesses by the usage of body measurements.  Ironically, even though Baby Girl was 7% bigger, Baby Boy was 2 days older.  But we have been told as Baby Girl has chosen the lower position, she will be born first naturally.

We are thrilled to announce the gender of our twins with all of you!  It’s been hard to keep it a secret for so long however it was important to share it with close family and friends first and then to all of you Genki Friends/Family.  The twins are still predicted to be born, if all goes correct, in June 2017.  We have been told twins are always setup with an induction date at 38 weeks, no longer, as waiting longer can be dangerous for the health of each of them.  So we will have an earlier birth than first expected but this just means we will get to see our happy, healthy twins sooner than expected.  If you have twins, especially boy/girl twins, please share your experience with us.