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My Thoughts on Having Twins

First question out of mouths when hearing we are having twins is – “does it run in your family?”  A common question since twins do get passed down through the maternal side of a families’ genes.  Twins do not run in my family though, so it is all new to our entire crew.  In fact when we heard the news, we were totally stunned, even though I kept telling Genki Husband we were going to have twins before our first appointment. And before anyone asks, this was a set of natural twins, no medical intervention.  (aka, it is a complete surprise)  So what are my thoughts of having twins?

Photo: The above photo is the first glimpse of our twins inside the womb.  They were 12 weeks old.  Please do not copy this photo, forward, save, or duplicate in any way.  This is a copyright photo and does have a watermark, hence it can not be used without written and signed permission by me, thanks.

At first, I was taken completely by surprise at our first doctors’ appointment.  Actually, I asked our OB/GYBN a few times if he was joking, even after showing us the proof on the ultrasound screen.  Genki Husband sat stunned and speechless, poor guy could not muster a single word for a few minutes.  After the appointment, we sat shocked and in awe in our car outside the doctors’ office at what we were just informed.  This is our first pregnancy, so anything the doctor would have told us at the appointment would have been a shock but there is something about having more than (1) baby that really immobilizes one.

First instinct for us was to be worried of finances, we had planned a budget ahead of time for (1) baby but not (2).  God had different plans.  Thankfully we are planners and always are well-prepared, something I could not recommend enough to those planning to get pregnant.  It’s a blessing knowing we are ready for the adventure ahead of us since once they are born there will be no time to think.  For a few days, we sat laughing with each other in thought of the double blessing we were just given, something not everyone is given a chance to do.  The shock went away after the first week.

Now that time has passed, we both love the idea of having twins.  Before getting married, we talked of having two children total.  Then as the time got closer and more realistic, we talked of only having one since the idea of being pregnant twice worried me.  I figured once I went through it the first time, I probably would not build up the courage to do it twice.  We still joke it was in God’s plans for us to have two children, thus, He is making sure we go along with his plans.    So two children it is for us.

Twins for us means double the trouble but double the love for two other beings who have been placed in our hands.  Now that the state of shock has diminished, we could not imagine having just one child.  Our twins will always have a friend to play, a loving ear to listen when one is having an issue and/or just the feeling of being part of something greater than just ones’ self.  We adore the idea of our children growing up with a sibling right alongside one another, caring and sharing the oddities of life.

Keeping it real, I am not going to lie, budgeting for two babies at once is a bit difficult. We keep reminding ourselves if we were to have two children of different ages, we would be spending the same amount of money.  Having twins just means we spend it all at once.  Plus, it’s nice to know once we have picked out such items as car seats, cribs and other safety items, we will not have to do it again.  Once is enough, the research can make a parent-to-be go insane.  So it just means we get the hard stuff out all at once.

When asked, “are you ready for twins?” We always answer, we could not imagine it any other way and are thrilled for the adventure ahead of us.  Sometimes life chooses a different path than the one we have chosen for ourselves, best to go along with it and enjoy the journey than struggle with it.  We can not wait until the date of our twins entrance into this world.  It shall be energy zapping however double the reward in the end.