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It seems as if one of the main aspects of pregnancy that woman are concerned with is weight gain, especially if having multiples.  My history shows me being overweight and working towards a healthier goal, one that I did achieve through healthy eating and exercise.  There was no starvation, no 1 banana rule for breakfast, and no triple workouts daily.  It did take more than a year to eliminate all of my extra weight, however I was able to keep it off for years to come.  Losing weight is a mindset, not something that can be done overnight.  So when I became pregnant, the elephant in the room was not me, but rather the idea of how I felt of gaining so much weight.  Here’s my opinion:

When Genki Husband and I found out we were having twins, the first thing the OB/GYN said was you are going to gain a lot of weight.  My first instinct was to run for the hills, like this would help since the twins would come with me but still.  As I grew to the idea of having twins, remember this was a natural pregnancy and there are no twins in my family line, I grew to the idea of gaining weight.  Still today I get the comment, “you are going to be huge!”  To this statement, I have no comments because I am not going to be huge, the twins are going to grow big and healthy.  That’s a fantastic thing!  I am making human beings within my body, something that is beautiful and if I have to gain some weight to assure they are healthy I will do it without fears.

Doctors will go by the books, in most cases, so for twins a mother is advised to gain around 35-45 lbs in total.  For a singleton, 25-35 lbs.  There are some adjustments according to pre-pregnancy BMI however these are the statistical numbers calculated throughout the years.  Yes, statistical – not absolutely the case for everyone.  My doctor goes by the books, however, he has stated I should gain around 1 to 1.5 lbs a week (that would only add up to around 24-36 lbs total.  Now I have talked to a few other twin mothers in my circle of friends and I know they gained very little in the beginning and then near the end of the pregnancy gained a lot of weight.  It is said this weight is water gain, a gain that most woman lose while still in the hospital.  So for this 4′ 11″ twin mother to be, I am sticking to the rule of eating when I am hungry (or after exercise) and not worrying to much.

Yes, you heard that right, not worrying too much.  From the first time I saw our twins on the ultrasound screen, dancing around together, I knew right then I would not limit myself to any strict diet or keep a strict record of all gained weight.  My twins are so much more important than a few extra pounds that I can lose later after the pregnancy.  When I gain, I rejoice the twins are growing, when my belly grows it mean the twins are growing.  The same goes for every pregnancy.  My main goal is to get these twins as healthy as possible and assure they are getting the proper nutrients they need to start their lives off right here on earth.  Babies are blessings from God and I plan on doing everything I can to give thanks for these two blessings.

My wish is not only for our twins to be healthy but for all babies to be healthy.  It does not matter what country, what religion, what race you are, I hope and pray for the safety of your babies just the same.  So please, ignore the weight scale and forget about restricting and/or counting calories while you are pregnant, look at your belly in the mirror and rejoice in the growth of your baby/babies.  Every ounce is a little closer to your baby/babies to healthy arrival on the outside.

Note: If you are still worried, remember that when you give birth to your little one/s, 2/3rd’s of the weight will come off if you have eaten healthy during your pregnancy.  I have heard twin mothers lose around 30 lbs in the first two weeks post-pregnancy, so don’t worry.  Eat healthy most of the time and enjoy your pregnancy, go easy on yourself and eat what you like since you will be happy and thus your babies will be happy.  If you feel like chocolate, go for it!  (Just in moderation.)