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17 weeks twin pregnancy belly bump

17 weeks!  For a twin pregnancy, this means I have passed the half way mark at 17.5 weeks, since I am posting this in my 18th week.  Twin pregnancies average around 35 weeks, so this means we are 1/2 way there for a healthy birth of our twins.  Not much has changed, besides the appearance of my belly bump (which is a thrill as it means the babies are growing).  From the front, I do not believe many people could tell I am pregnant with twins, from the side on the other hand it is obvious.  This last week we heard from our 16th week blood tests and the nursery furniture finally arrived.  Things are really coming along, we just can not wait until the twins are born healthy and happy.

NOTE:  MY PHOTOS ARE TAKEN AT THE VERY END OF EACH WEEK, HENCE THESE TWO PHOTOS ARE TAKEN AT THE START OF WEEK 18.  NORMALLY I TAKE THESE PHOTOS AS I JUST WAKE UP ON SATURDAY MORNING, VERY EARLY, SANS MAKEUP AND HAIR CORRECTIONS. I do not hide from sharing my experiences, nor my growth photos. Pregnancy is not something everyone can do, especially a natural twin PREGNANCY so I want to share every little piece of truth the entire process.

Month Due: July 2017

Twins Gender:  Next week is our first Twin Specialist for a confirmation on anatomy ultrasound.  We have ultrasounds every appointment however this is with a specialist, since we are having multiples.  (No issues, this is routine in our area.)

Food: Food is still a bit of a hit or miss.  Thankfully I have found I am a bit more hungry than not nowadays.  This is a blessing since I love the idea when I am hungry, I take in nutrients that is going straight to my little ones.  Eating while pregnant is about providing for the babies, so when I’m hungry I definitely eat.  Normally I eat around every 2 hours, depending on how much I eat per meal.  With that being said, I still eat 3 large meals and a few snacks throughout the day.  I do not count calories as I think that is an addiction, my babies come first.

Cravings: Nothing still, just my normal fruit and vegetables.  (But I had that pre-pregnancy)

Aversions: Nothing still…

Prenatal Vitamins:  Still Rainbow Light Vegan Prenatal Vitamins and Vegan DEVA DHA.  Additionally, I love to add nutritional yeast on just about everything for the protein and B12 content.

Symptoms:  No real symptoms as for me, normally I live as I did pre-pregnancy.  The only change now is when I do things, I do feel the twins moving around, I like to call it gymnastics.  Thankfully I read even if your baby/babies are super charged in the womb, this does not correlate to the activity level on the outside.  Whew!

Milestones: Every week I am certain the twins have a large growth spurt, so I gained more than a pound (totally acceptable with twins), weighing in at a total of 9 lbs increase.  Considering this is week 17, I think this is very good.  Normally twin expectant mother’s are told to gain around 1-2 lbs a week, so I am right in the middle.  As long as my littles are growing, I am super happy.  Actually I rejoice every time I gain another pound since I know it is weight my twins need.  I have heard and read mothers have a harder time gaining weight in their third so the majority of the weight should be gained in the 2nd trimester.  This is because the belly is full of babies, sitting atop of the stomach.  Other than that, no real change besides my belly has grown – another thing I look forward to as it means my babies are growing healthily.

I’m Excited About:  My 16th week OB/GYN appointment required the normal blood tests to be taken.  I have absolutely no fear of needles as I studied medicine in university, so I have no problems having this done.  Actually, I prefer to have blood tests done (even though it does bring down your iron levels slightly for the next few days), since it means I can take an internal look at my health for the babies.  The results came back and I have no issues, no AIDS/HIV (not a concern for me) and no spina bifida for either of the babies.  It just goes to show vegans can eat a healthy diet, be pregnant with twins, and still have good iron levels.  I know many mothers that had anemia while pregnant with a singleton, so it is definitely a myth for vegans.  My Vitamin D levels were lower than normal, however this was not a surprise as the sun has not been shining as we are going through a rainy spell.  Again, not a concern and no changes in anything I am doing, thankfully the sunshine is back and I can fill up on it.  Vitamin D is only from the sunshine or synthetic supplements, small amounts are available in a few different food items however not enough for the pregnant human body.

I’m Nervous About: Still waiting to go to our ultrasound specialist, looking forward to it but still nervous all the same.  I’m sure every pregnant lady out there gets this once a while, it’s more excitement than anything else.

Exercise:  Still loving my time outside walking and getting things done in the house.  Household work is the best form of exercise in my opinion for a pregnant momma, plus it’s a double blessing afterwards.  Daily I do something, but I listen to my body first.  This past weekend Genki Husband and I went hiking at Vasquez Rocks, loved it!  It was much more difficult than before as my balance is a bit different now thanks to the growth of the babies.  The twins were also moving around the entire time so occasionally I had to take a little break and let them settle down first before moving on to another few steps.  We took our time and didn’t push anything, I made sure I always took breaks and could breath easily while talking.  My OB/GYN has given me the clear for any exercise I prefer, as long as it is not an extreme sport that could result in my landing on my stomach.  Please double check with your doctor before doing any exercise while pregnant, each pregnancy is different.

Other thoughts and feelings:  Our baby furniture arrived and Genki Husband and I put it together.  Our double dresser was already together but the cribs had some “light” assembly required.  I’ll post photos later when I do a nursery reveal.  Other than that, I am just loving watching the baby belly grow (which in turn means the babies are growing) and setting up the nursery.

Note:  If you have any suggestions for a twin pregnancy, I would love to hear your comments.  Or just anything in general, advice is always accepted and appreciated.  Books and medical professionals can only give so much information, personal experience is sometimes much better than anything else.