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What I ate during 1st trimester vegan

Lots of inquiries have been raised for What I Ate Blogs during pregnancy, my meals were rather simple but full of necessary nutrition.  Right now I am in the 2nd trimester, so I have fully completed the 1st trimester, so everything I talk of and show in photos was eaten during almost the entire time.  Our vegan twins are growing on schedule and I have had the most fortunate 1st trimester feeling healthy and no morning sickness.  I had trepidations for writing this blog, since I didn’t want to sound as if I was forcing my preferred vegan diet on anyone, or as if I was judging anyone. So please use this information as more of an informative blog on just what I prefer, not what is mandatory for a healthy pregnancy just what I had success with so far.  Every pregnancy is completely different, results vary depending on a lot of different factors.  Hopefully you will enjoy and even if you are not pregnant, I am sure you will delight in the tasty, healthy recipes.

Below is a list of some of my favorite plant-based foods I loved during my first trimester with the twins.  It was my intentions to give our baby, which turned out to be two babies, the best nutritional start of life.  My intentions were to eat 100% plant-based, no processed ingredients, low sodium and low fat (since it disrupts my stomach if I have tons).  It was a success for the first trimester, hooray!  Most of our food was organic, thanks to deal searching and just accepting we were paying for the future good health of our twins.  If you can not budget organic, try to at least steer clear from the dirty dozen.  Research has found pesticides in little baby tummies when born, so every little bit helps to make a difference.

Quinoa: all of the essential amino acids (aka it’s a complete protein); high in fiber; high in iron; & 22g of protein per 1 c serving

Premium Japanese Rice: high in carbs which produces lots of energy; high in vitamin D, riboflavin and thiamine; prevents constipation; & helps maintain blood pressure

Sweet Potatoes: contains lots of dietary fiber which reduces constipation (6.6 grams of fiber per cup); high in bit A; high in vit C;high in iron; high in potassium; & high in vit B6

Kale: high in calcium; high in vit c; high in vit a (helps build your immune system); high in vit K (makes blood vessels strong); high in iron (more than beef!); high in folic acid; high in carotenoids (helps prevent preeclampsia); & high in potassium

Collard Leaves:  high in vit A; high in bit K; & high in folate

Mustard Greens: high in choline (builds a powerful baby/babies brain); high in iron; high in calcium;& high in folate

Swiss Chard: high in oxalic acid; high in bit A; high in vit K;high in vit C; high in magnesium; high in manganese;& high in potassium

Citrus: high in vit C; some studies show it reduces the risk of preterm rupture and labor; vit A; helps iron to be used in the body; helps body make collagen (protein) that makes cartilage, tendons, bones and skin; reduces risk of impaired mental development; fights infections;& water soluble so you basically can’t over eat it

Lentils: high in Vit B9; high in iron; high in protein; high in fiber; high in folic acid; & high in potassium

Beans (aka Legumes): high in fiber; high in protein; high in iron; high in folate;& high in calcium

Unsweetened Almond Milk: high in calcium; high in vit E; high in vit A; & high in vit D

Chlorella:  rich source of protein; high in folate; high in B12; high in iron; omega-3 fats; some research states fewer signs of pregnancy-induced hypertension and higher hemoglobin levels; significantly reduce the risk of anemia, proteinuria, and edema.

Note:  Photos coming in next post.