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16th week twin pregnancy

Today marks the start of week 17, information below contains information from my 16th week of twin pregnancy.  Things have been going great so far, crossing fingers it continues, and we have been preparing for the arrival of our twins in June/July of this year.  As we have multiples, we are planning and preparing as much as possible for their arrival before our 3rd trimester.  Additionally, we have had the excitement of going to another OB/GYN appointment this week.  We go once a month as the pregnancy is going well so far, we will soon go twice a month in the future as we get closer.  But for now we are thrilled to see our twins growth every 4 weeks.  Click below if you would like to know more information.

Note:  My photos are taken at the very end of each week, hence these two photos are taken at the start of week 17.  Normally I take these photos as I just wake up on Saturday morning, very early, sans makeup and hair corrections.  Unfortunately Genki Husband and I were super hungry this morning and forgot all about the photo shoot, so this week we have photos after I ate a very large breakfast.

Month Due: July 2017

Twins Gender:  Gender is revealed around week 16-20, normal singleton pregnancies.  We have known some information about gender for a few months, thanks to MaterniT genetics testing. However, our doctor has stated nothing is certain until we get a 3D/4D ultrasound done by a specialist around week 20.  Anything before this time is not guaranteed.  So we have a few more weeks before we are guaranteed and then we will share the gender of both babies.

Food: Food comes and goes with me.  There are times I cannot eat another bite while there are times I must eat at the split second I start to feel hungry.  Fruit is still a major part of my pregnancy diet, along with vegetables, legumes, beans and seeds.  Right now I am eating around 3x the amount I used to eat, as one does have to eat more than a non-pregnant woman.  It is the quality of fresh, organic, plant-based foods that make the difference.

Cravings: Nothing still, just my normal fruit and vegetables.  (But I had that pre-pregnancy)

Aversions: Nothing still… besides maybe hot drinks.  I’m not really sure if this is an aversion or just me knowing hot drinks aren’t the best for growing babies.  So no coffee or tea for me, please.  (Pregnant woman can drink up to 200mg of caffeine daily though.)

Prenatal Vitamins:  Still Rainbow Light Vegan Prenatal Vitamins and Vegan DEVA DHA.  Additionally, I love to add nutritional yeast on just about everything for the protein and B12 content.  I had my blood tested this last appointment though, so this might change in ten days after receiving the results.

Symptoms:  My babies belly bump is starting to take a more rounded form, instead of the “is she getting pudgy” look.  Many times a day I look at my belly and think to myself how wonderful it is to see my weight go up and my belly to expand, it means our twins are growing and healthy.  No other symptoms, not really fatigued much (unless I workout, then I take a break afterwards).  Still wearing maternity pants as these are very loose (too loose actually since I can’t find any made for petites) but at least my stomach isn’t getting too much pressure from non-maternity clothes.

Milestones: This week the twins had a growth spurt, so I gained more than a pound (totally acceptable with twins), weighing in at a total of 7.4 lbs increase.  Considering this is week 16, I think this is very good.  I had my OB/GYN appointment this week and he was impressed with my weight gain.  In fact, when I laid on the table to get our ultrasound (happens every appt as we are having twins), and the doctor mentioned “wow, your stomach really has grown!”  Normally I would have taken this very badly but I am thrilled to hear it when I am pregnant.  Each time I get a compliment such as belly growth, I am thrilled as it means I am doing my job as a mama.  If you are pregnant, remember weight is essential to assure you have a healthy baby, it has nothing to do with a number or self-worth.

I’m Excited About:  We had our 16 week OB/GYN ultrasound this week which went really fantastic again.  We were told the babies were growing healthy and the heartbeats appeared to be beating as normal.  Unfortunately, my OB/GYN does not use the doppler much, we have only heard the heartbeats once. I once read it is more common to have ultrasounds at each appointment with multiples as it is harder to distinguish between the two heartbeats.  But I guess as long as we know the hearts are beating as normal, we will be happy without the doppler (plus we get to see them every 4 weeks).  During this same appointment we had our 16 week, required by California State law and normal blood testing completed.  In California we are told we have to be tested for HIV/AIDS and also for spina bifida.  It is strange we have to test for spina bifida as CA is some of the lowest rates in the world for it as we get fresh produce year around and also plenty of sunshine.  So I guess I am excited to hear of the test results and finally see if I need to correct my eating plan or keep going as I have been thus far.  I will 100% stay vegan however I may need to add more leafy greens with Vit C for iron, as it is very common for multiple mammas to become deficient unlike singletons.  Note to mammas, iron deficiency can also be caused by B12 deficiency, so make sure your doctor can tell the difference (even if you are a carnivore).

I’m Nervous About: Nervous of our specialist ultrasound appointment as it is the first one of many.  We will have 2 weeks until this appointment and the wait is driving me nuts.  I want to just get in there and have the babies looked at from inch to inch.  Multiple pregnancies are all considered high risk, so a specialist is always used.  This means we will not only be seeing our OB/GYN once a month but we will also see our perionatalist once a month.  This special ultrasound will measure every cm of the baby, even the size of the lips.  It’s going to be amazing to see but as a first-time mom I am very nervous about the results.  But I really shouldn’t be as our OB/GYN always state everything is going as planned.

Exercise:  Still loving exercise, some days are harder than others as I have started to feel the babies moving around more.  Apparently I have been feeling them for the last few weeks, however had no idea.  Books state a feeling of “fluttering” will occur when your babies move early on around week 16 for twins (longer for singles).  After I questioned what this meant, he stated it felt like gas around the belly button.  Gas is only felt lower in the stomach when the babies finally rise to the belly button area (faster for twins).  So depending on how active the babies are at the moment, I have a tighter stomach and can cause me to not feel like exercising.  Plus, it has been raining nonstop here in the desert so that has slowed me down.  I still go on walks when weather permits and I have started to incorporate weight lifting and a bit of yoga.  Walking is supposed to be the best exercise though that is my primary workout now. That is besides carrying two babies around all day long.

Other thoughts and feelings:  Again, things have been going well with this pregnancy as of today.  We both are thankful for this major blessing each and every day.  As the weeks pass and the babies delivery date approaches, I am sure more difficulties will arise but we are keeping confident and just taking each week by week.  As far as the nursery, we have finally removed all of our office desks and supplies.  Now it is basically empty, minus the babies items we have already purchase.  We can’t wait to get our baby furniture we had ordered from New Zealand near the first week in February.  I will share more once we have more in the room.  Or would you like progress photos?

Note:  If you have any suggestions for a twin pregnancy, I would love to hear your comments.  Or just anything in general, advice is always accepted and appreciated.  Books and medical professionals can only give so much information, personal experience is sometimes much better than anything else.