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15 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Photo

Week 15 has come and gone, I feel so blessed to be sharing my experience with you all for the pregnancy of our vegan twins.  Genki Husband and I are taking each day as it is a new adventure and one day closer to seeing our twins in person.  Follow along with me as I share with you my vegan pregnancy with twins, yes it can be done and healthier than a carnivore pregnancy.  Nothing is sugarcoated here, everything I mention is 100% real and not to make my pregnancy sound better than reality.  So if you want honest information and honest opinions, click the link below.

Note:  My pregnancy photos are taken early every Saturday morning (the last day of the counted week) before I eat breakfast or do anything really special.  As makeup has chemicals, I do not wear any in these photos. Actually, I do not wear it in general since it covers my true beauty, love your body for you as all of you gorgeous too.  So you can be assured my photos are 100% me and not stolen/borrowed from another website.

Month Due: July 2017

Twins Gender:  Now our babies are 16 weeks into the growing process, it is very possible to catch a glimpse on the ultrasound.  It is still very early though, so we aren’t sure if we will be lucky enough to find out the gender of the second baby or not.  We already know the gender of one baby from our genetics test.  This week we have another appointment so fingers crossed, otherwise we have to wait until our ultrasound specialist in the beginning of February to find out for certain.

Food: Loving food lately however my stomach seems filled to the brim just about every other day.  It really isn’t a big surprise though considering there are two growing lives inside of me.  My food intake has been basically whole grains such as premium Japanese white rice (I’ve done the nutritional research and there’s no difference btw premium white and brown), vegetables, fruits and beans/legumes/seeds.  My sugar has been a bit of a difficult situation though (I’m naturally hypoglycemic) so I have had some sweets also.  Genki Husband and I are not firm believers in banning sugars and/or any other animal-friendly foods.  So we eat homemade vegan cookies, vegan nice cream, tons fruits (doctor approved it’s totally healthy), and so on.  Moderation and healthy whole organic ingredients are key.

Cravings: Nothing still, just my normal fruit and vegetables.  (But I had that pre-pregnancy)

Aversions: Nothing still…

Prenatal Vitamins:  I’m starting to sound repetitive now but still taking Rainbow Light Vegan Prenatal Vitamins and Vegan DEVA DHA.  Additionally, I love to add nutritional yeast on just about everything for the protein and B12 content.

Symptoms:  Belly Bump watch has begun and now I’m counting inches.  Genki Husband thinks I’m crazy but I think I’m really showing, more looking as if I gained weight, maybe not a twin belly bump yet.  Since there are two growing inside, my belly should look similar to the size of a full-time singleton pregnancy.  Other than my belly growth, I believe the only symptoms are fatigue and extreme hunger if I wait too long between meals.  Gotta make sure to eat tons of snacks.

Milestones: This week I gained another pound making my growth to be exactly 5.2 pounds increase.  Yay!  Some woman will not share this information but why not?  The gain means my twins are growing and are healthy, I’m thrilled to gain weight to see my twins the healthiest possible.  Vanity is worthless to me, my twins health are essential.  So if you are pregnant, don’t be shy, wear your weight as a honor symbol that you love your unborn children and are doing your part to help them succeed.

I’m Excited About:  Our next appointment, we will be able to see our twins again on the ultrasound and also possibly find out the gender of both twins.  We do not care as much about the gender of the twins, we would love to start planning and buying decor items for the nursery. Plus, everyone keeps asking of the gender which normally is not known until around 16-20 weeks.

I’m Nervous About: Nervous of our specialist ultrasound appointment as it is the first one of many.  We will need to have one each month until the birth of our twins, as this is a “high risk” due to there being multiples.  We aren’t sure what to expect or what will occur in this appointment besides it being around 1.5-2 hours in length.  Both babies will be measured and inspected thoroughly so we will find out more information about their health and what to expect in the future of their growth inside.

Exercise:  Still loving exercise.  The weather has not been optimal of workouts outside, as it has been raining, much needed in Southern California.  If it is sunny, I go outside for a nice walk for vitamin D and fresh air.  If it is raining, I tend to stay inside and deeply clean the house and get a good workout that way.  It’s a win-win situation because I get exercise and a clean house.  When pregnant, it’s important just to keep moving, sweating it out in the gym or outside is not really recommended.  So cleaning is a great workout for a pregnant momma.  I also like to occasionally do squats and yoga, depends on how my belly feels – sometimes I do nothing which is fine too.  If you are pregnant, do not put too much pressure on yourself, do what you can do when you feel up to it.

Other thoughts and feelings:  Nothing really changed this week of pregnancy, I am still feeling great and loving the growth of the twins.  I’m praying the growth has been good for both this last month but I’m pretty confident everyone will be healthy on the inside.  If you are keeping track, our nursery furniture is still getting handmade by the company and should be delivered near the first half of February. I’ll share once it has arrived and is complete.

Note:  If you have any suggestions for a twin pregnancy, I would love to hear your comments.  Or just anything in general, advice is always accepted and appreciated.  Books and medical professionals can only give so much information, personal experience is sometimes much better than anything else.