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14 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Photo

14 weeks pregnancy update:  We are so thrilled to share our experience with all of you Genki Readers!  Our twins are very special to us, a complete surprise as this was a natural birth but nonetheless very exciting.  Here I will share with you the information from this last week of pregnancy.

Month Due: July 2017

Twins Gender:  Still only one baby is known at this moment in time, thanks to the MaterniT genetics test.  We are keeping this information private until we find out the sex of both babies.  We can’t wait to find out and then start the official nursery theme design.  To tell you the truth though, it is rather fun not knowing the sex of both babies, it’s like a present under the tree.  Although it will be nice to know the sex of both the babies, it is nice to have this little secret they are keeping from us.  It is something to think about and look forward to in the future.  We wouldn’t want to find out early.

Food: Still eating the same types of plant-based foods, adding in more protein per meal.  It is recommended I eat 3 full meals a day and then eat 3-4 snacks a day.  This is recommended to those that have issues with getting in enough food per day, thankfully I still am able to eat enough food even though the stomach is getting squashed due to the twins growing.  I’m sure this will change in a few months time.  My favorite foods are still spicy foods such as Mexican and Indian.  Unfortunately I have had to stop eating Korean foods as many of the spices contain MSG.  No MSG in this baby house, thank you.  This week I did fight feeling very full all the time though, even after a small glass of water.  I fought this and just kept eating my full meals and lived with the fullness.  Snacking made it only worse, as I was already full.  So I just eat a ton of food at each meal and try to eat as many small snacks and my stomach will allow.  (I’ve added probably around 300-500 calories per day to keep up with the demands of the twins.)

Cravings: No cravings at all, I’m completely feeling like normal again.

Aversions: None still, thank goodness! I eat all plant-based foods, so it does not matter what I eat I know it’s going to be healthy.  I do steer clear of a large amount of fat in my diet as this still will make my stomach a bit sore.  Pre-pregnancy though I was never able to eat a large amount either, so no changes actually while pregnant.

Prenatal Vitamins:  Same pre-natal vitamins as my doctor is completely happy with the vegan options I have chosen. Although he did try to push his chemical, non-vegan, ones a few times while I was deciding.  So Rainbow Light Vegan Once Daily (I cut these horse pills into 3 pieces) and 1 Deva Vegan DHA “gel” pill.

Symptoms:  This week I fought with more fatigue, a twin momma-to-be’s common complaint.  Additionally, I also felt more full than normal but I believe this is due to our twins growing, which makes me so happy.  My mood swings, as Genki Husband has said, have not shown up yet and we are both hoping these do not come at all.  We are just completely blessed with a healthy pregnancy so far, fingers crossed for the future.

Milestones: Maternity pants thanks to my growing belly bump.  Genki Husband says no one would be able to notice my bump unless looking at me naked, which will not be happening.  I say it’s very obvious, or rather maybe that I have gained a few lbs.  Other way, we are happy to see the increase in the belly as this means our lovely twins are growing as they both should be at this time.  This week I gained another 1 lb, as planned. This means I am up to around 4 lbs in total gained.

I’m Excited About:  Next week we have our 4th OB appointment, something I am really looking forward to right now.  It is really nice to be able to have an ultrasound every time we go into the office, since we are “high risk” thanks to us having twins.  It’s fun to see however our twins have changed each time.  Another appointment we are looking forward to is our perionatalist appointment the first week of February.  Again, since we are “high risk” we have to go to not only get normal ultrasound each month but we will also start to go to this specialist too.  This appointment we believe we will have a 3D/4D ultrasound done.  Our OB said it will take around 1.5-2 hours, anyone else been to one of these appointments?  At this appointment, we will find out information about every little inch of our little ones, get a full scan of their health.

I’m Nervous About: The next two appointments coming soon.  The OB said we will have another normal appointment (weight, blood pressure, urine and ultrasound) but then he will put in for us to have a full blood test done.  I’m not nervous about the blood being drawn, I have no issues with it, however it is the results.  Being that I am providing nutrients for twins and my own personal body, I am hoping everything is up to par.  With twins, blood pressure commonly spikes and also iron & B12 usually declines drastically so we have to pay attention to these few things closely. I’m sure everything will be fine but it is always the thought before going that drives me nuts.  Additionally, I am nervous for the specialist because one never knows what will arise.  I have heard many people state their first time in one of these appointments, information is given that is a total surprise (but then wasn’t true in the end).  I’m just praying for everything to be okay and our twins are super healthy and growing appropriately.  Prayers are always accepted and appreciated.

Exercise:  Still keeping up with everything I have been doing.  Walks are my main exercise these days as I can clear my mind at the same time as getting exercise.  My routine is normally I exercise around 5 days a week, depending on the rain and wind in the area.

Other thoughts and feelings:  We are just so excited to be having twins, there is nothing like the idea of having two babies at once.  It is not about being nervous, we are thrilled our babies will be able to grow up together and have instant friends, always.

Note:  If you have any suggestions for a twin pregnancy, I would love to hear your comments.  Or just anything in general, advice is always accepted and appreciated.  Books and medical professionals can only give so much information, personal experience is sometimes much better than anything else.