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13 weeks pregnant with twins

Week 13 of our twin vegan pregnancy:  We are excited to share with you everything that has been going on in our 13th week of our twins pre-birth life.  A few changes were done with week with our nursery and also we had another doctors’ appointment to share with all of you.  I’ll share everything that has been experienced this week but I will share the appointment in another post.  All is going great so far, we love your support, comments and prayers as always.

Month Due: July 2017

Twins Gender:  This week we did not have an appointment, we are on a 1 month appointment plan at the moment as the twins are healthy and growing.  We know the gender of one baby but the second is still a mystery so we would like to keep it a secret until they are both confirmed by ultrasound.

Food: Still eating the same types of foods and having no issues at all.  We are limiting fat and processed foods from our diet, which is all appreciated by our doctor.  For now I am eating three full meals a day and eating three large snacks too.  It’s important for twin momma’s-to-be to eat every 3-4 hours to keep the babies nourished and growing every second instead of starving them for hours.

Cravings: This has not been a problem yet, I have no cravings besides my general ones pre-pregnancy.  This week I introduced a mug of hot tea into my diet again, as I was cold and watching Genki Husband drink coffee in the morning.  Normally I do not wish to have anything but water but it was nice, not really something that I crave still though.

Aversions: Still no aversions, I eat everything I wish and do not hold back on anything.

Prenatal Vitamins:  My vegan supplements have not changed from last week, my doctor is completely happy with the amounts in the two I am currently taking.  See Week 12 for more information.  I am having issues still with the size of the Rainbow Light Prenatal Vitamins.  In fact, I must give myself a pep talk each morning to take it for the health of the twins.  I miss Deva Prenatal Vitamins!

Symptoms:  Still having pelvic bone cramp-like pains however this is supposed to be completely normal.  Naps are still my friend.

Milestones: Everything still appears to be going just as expected.  This week I am so thankful that I have started to gain a little weight, I was a bit worried (for no reason).  Every woman gains at a different pace and I am a strong believer the body knows best, not a number on a doctors’ chart.  As of this week I have officially gained another lb.  That makes my total to be 2.2 lbs, hooray!  Let me remind you, I am only 4’ 11” so this is actually a substantial amount of weight.  For now, I am rejoicing in my lb increase each week.  My last milestone seems like a strange one however I did change fully into my maternity pants.  My pre-pregnancy pants do fit however I have to use the hairband trick and it just does not feel comfy to have anything close to being tight on my belly.  So I’m making use of these maternity pants as much as possible.

I’m Excited About:  My belly bump showing!  This week I feel as though my bump has really taken to growing, due to the babies growing.  It’s rather a mixed feeling seeing ones’ belly expand as I have always been very careful about my weight loss and wish to never go back to my previous heavier self.  But during pregnancy, when you see the belly expand it’s a joyous moment that is hard to explain.  Some mornings I get up and think to myself, “oh my! I am getting so fat.”  Then I remind myself, “Oh yeah, you are pregnant”.  haha

I’m Nervous About: Nothing really substantial besides getting the proper amount of baby items per baby.  We have a strong belief system that quality over quantity so we are researching everything intensively to assure we are spending on only the things that are essential.  This week we were able to purchase some more clothes and registered at a few stores.  I’ll share in a later post if you guys are interested.

Exercise:  Every day I do a little exercise, since I am having twins I am supposed to not be doing high impact workouts.  This just sounds like it is better for any baby to tell you the truth.  I am walking just about everyday, minus rainy days, and getting into a bit of yoga and lifting small weights.  On days off, I tend to do housework which is always a good workout.  I want to be able to do as much normal life stuff around the house for as long as possible so I enjoy what I am still able to do for myself.  Having another person household stuff such as cleaning and cooking makes me feel bad because after all I am just pregnant, not dying. 🙂

Other thoughts and feelings:  We are excited to purchase our twins’ nursery cribs and dresser next week.  It has been months since we started to research these items and we have come up with the perfect solution for us.  So I will be sharing the experience later in another post.

Note:  If you have any suggestions for a twin pregnancy, I would love to hear your comments.  Or just anything in general, advice is always accepted and appreciated.  Books and medical professionals can only give so much information, personal experience is sometimes much better than anything else.