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12 weeks pregnant with vegan twins

It is hard to believe our twin pregnancy has already reached week 12.  When the pregnancy test read “pregnant”, my first thought was 40 weeks were going to take a very long time to be completed.  Now I look back 3 months ago and can not believe so much time has passed without even my knowledge of seeing it fly past.  Let’s all hope the next 28 weeks go as smoothly as the first 12.  For those of you interested, pregnant or just interested, click on the link and see what has been going on this week of my twin vegan pregnancy throughout my 12th week of pregnancy.

Photo Note:  Photos are all taken just as I have woken on Saturday, the first day of the next week.  (Thus, this photo was taken on the first day of my 13th week.)  I have decided to not use makeup or do my hair in any fancy manner to give you the full view of a real pregnancy.  Pregnancy is supposed to be a beautiful thing, not something that needs to be covered up with makeup and overdone hair.

Month Due: July 2017

Twins Gender: We were very thankful to have been given the chance to have the MaterniT genetic test done during week 10, results given this last week at our OB/GYN appointment.  We are blessed knowing more about the gender of our babies however for now I believe we will keep it a secret until later on in the pregnancy when everything can be confirmed by Ultrasound.  For now we know the twins are genetically 100% healthy-such a blessing!

Food: Still to this date, we are limiting the amount of processed foods in our diet.  Genki Husband has been pretty good about reducing his too, or might it be that I am not buying as much anymore.  Some processed ingredients are still tofu, an occasional vegan dark chocolate bar, and this last week Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels.  The household diet is still 100% vegan and we are working on upping the calories per meal and adding some more snacks.  Lately I have been reading it is wise to eat around 3500 calories for a healthy twin pregnancy however this seems a bit high as my normal pre-pregnancy body only needed 1396 calories a day (per my body size and weight requirements).  For now I have added close to 300-500 calories extra a day, by eating snacks and larger amounts per meal.  Pregnancy is not the time to skimp though, so if I’m hungry, I eat.  Otherwise I am eating tons of beans, tofu, soy milk, tempeh and etc for protein.  Tons of vegetables and fruits are main features also.  Still today I cannot eat lots of fat content however my OB/GYN said that was fine since it wasn’t as important as carbs and protein to grow the babies.

Cravings: This has not been a problem yet, I have no cravings besides my general ones pre-pregnancy.  There is nothing I can think of that has to be on my plate right now.  Lately I have been enjoying homemade vegan cookies though as a snack, however it was Christmas so this is just normal.

Aversions: Nothing really substantial however I do not prefer to drink hot beverages.  This sounds really strange but I have no craving for coffee or hot tea right now, even though it is completely acceptable/safe to have up to 200mg a day of caffeine.

Prenatal Vitamins:  This last week I changed over to Rainbow Light Vegan prenatal vitamins.  The previous 11 weeks I have been taking Deva Prenatal vitamins however since we are having twins, my doctor suggested to have a higher dosage of folic acid just to be on the safe side.  Deva Prenatal vitamins only have 550mg and Rainbow Light have 800mg.  Both are acceptable.  Additionally I am taking a Deva Vegan DHA supplement each day.  This is a supplement I really researched before purchasing since I was worried about taking in too many supplements.  For twins, DHA seems to have a higher rate of birth weight success than for those mothers who did not supplement.  It also helps the brains to grow and function faster than if not taking these during pregnancy.  I figured this is a small pill daily to ease my mind and hopefully grow strong, intelligent babies.  So just two supplements for now seem to be working-both 100% vegan and natural.

Symptoms:  My pelvic bones have continued to give tiny cramp-like pains however this is supposed to be completely normal.  These are helping to prepare my body for happy, healthy babies growing inside my belly.  Small amounts of discomfort I can live with as long as they are healthy.  My only other issue is fatigue, such a hassle for someone like me that prefers to be constantly on the move.  For now, I am just pacing myself and making sure I do not overdo it, even in everyday tasks.  Naps are a twin pregnant momma’s best friend.

Milestones: The twins were found to be very healthy in this week’s appointment.  Our genetics test that is the most comprehensive non-invasive test available today came back completely fine.  Additionally we found out our twins are growing at a steady pace and even a little ahead of schedule.  Each appointment we hope to be this blessed.  Baby A is still a slight bit bigger than Baby B but we have been told this is not a problem as both are right on or over target for growth.  As far as weight, I have gained no weight.  Again, my doctor seems to not be worried about this as the babies are both very healthy and growing perfectly.

I’m Excited About:  Hearing the gender of the babies officially and sharing it with all of you.  Again, we do know however we want to have the ultrasound give us double confirmation (as if genetics weren’t accurate, haha).  Also, we are excited to see my belly grow a little each day.  Genki Husband states I’m a little obsessed with this as it has not grown enough for most people to see but I can definitely tell the difference.  It’s very exciting seeing the body change because it means the babies are healthy and growing.

I’m Nervous About: Getting enough nutrients for the twins.  There is a lot of information out there about protein and calorie counts for multiple births however not concrete information like with singletons.  Right now I know I am eating enough vegetables and fruits however as a general first time mother, I am worried about the health in the next coming months.  Twins are supposed to do a large amount of the grow within the first 20 weeks.  My last nervous idea running through my head is my blood pressure, something momma’s of multiples have to worry about during pregnancy.  During my last appointment my doctor mentioned his concern with my higher blood pressure and kindly reminded me if it didn’t go down then I might have to go on bedrest since it can cause preterm delivery (which no one wants).  This was the same appointment we were retrieving genetic test information and a gender reveal of one baby, so I am more than confident every momma sees an increase in this appointment.  Thankfully he said I should just purchase a home monitor and check it daily – something I have been doing and it has been perfect.

Exercise:  Daily I try to do something however I am not as rigid as I used to be about the daily part.  Some days I feel as though my body is tired and it is not going to help the twins health if I exercise so I take a break and get back to it the next day.  I generally do something each day though, even if it is just a bit of yoga.  My doctor states exercise is completely healthy as long as I feel up to it and do not overdo anything.

Other thoughts and feelings:  We are still over-the-moon thrilled about having a 2-in-1 pregnancy.  This is a blessing that singleton mothers may not understand but I am just so happy I only have to go through it once.  My friends call it an instant family pregnancy, so cute.  We are still trying to figure out how to cope with the large expense of two at once but it will all be worth it in the end.  Babies surprisingly do not need as much as most new parents think and purchase.  We are trying to be mindful and keep to our minimalistic lifestyle.  This last week we were able to purchase our first set of cloth diapers, the Keekaroo Peanut Changing Station and also a diaper bin.  One knows adulthood is creeping in when these things are the most exciting part of the new year so far.

Note:  If you have any suggestions for a twin pregnancy, I would love to hear your comments.  Or just anything in general, advice is always accepted and appreciated.  Books and medical professionals can only give so much information, personal experience is sometimes much better than anything else.