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Week 11 Twin Pregnancy Photos

We have made it to week 12!  This means we have completely finished week 11, the last few days of our first trimester.  It is hard to believe we have been pregnant for 3 months!  This means we have around 9 more months until we get to meet our healthy vegan twins.  My week has been going great, my symptoms have reduced and I’m feeling more to normal with my energy levels.  See what else I’m experiencing during the 12th week of our vegan twin pregnancy.

Photo Note:  I have chosen to take these photos every Saturday morning around the same time, no makeup and no frills.  Being pregnant is beautiful and I do not want to cover any aspect of it with chemicals or fake beauty.  Embrace pregnancy for everything it is worth, it is a blessing and unmatched.

Month Due: July 2017

Twins Gender: Still unknown however we did take a genetic test called MaterniT which tests 23 chromosomes and also reveals the gender of your baby.  This test is supposed to be the best on the market and has a 99% accuracy rate.  The genetics will be the same for both babies however with twins these type of tests only tell the sex of one baby.  So according to our OB/GYN if the gender comes out with an XX (female), then both of the babies will be females.  If the gender chromosome comes out with an XY (male) chromosome then we could be having 2 boys or a boy/girl combination.  Hopefully we will get the announcement soon.  There is a 50% rate for a boy/girl combination and 25% each for a single sex combination for twins.

Food: Veganism is one of the safest and healthiest lifestyles during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. (Look up the Research Study at The Farm)  My food choices really have not changed much from before conception.  To increase the babies health, I do eat a bit more food per meal and still eat a few snacks in a day.  Your body does need more food throughout the entire day while pregnant, you are making another human being.  We still do not eat processed foods and always try to get organic when available.  (Look up pesticides found in newborns from eating non-organic foods)  My OB/GYN is amazed at the amount of protein I take in daily, so the idea that vegans do not get enough nutrients is completely a myth.

CravingsFood has been surprisingly easy for me, I have been very blessed (especially since we have twins).  My OB/GYN was surprised after we found out there were twins growing within me, but, he also said only 70% of pregnant woman get morning sickness.  Women expecting twins has an even smaller percentage rate. I have had absolutely no cravings at all, just plenty of water.

Aversions: Food aversions come at different times for many pregnant women, I believe it occurs more often with women that eat a variety of foods.  If you eat a small variety, you may not get food aversions (according to my research) but what would life be without lots of choices?  As seen previously, I did have a few aversions for a few weeks with deep leafy greens such as kale and collards and beans/seeds.  It really wasn’t an issue though, I just ate all the other healthy options in our kitchen.  These aversions are gone now so everything is fair game.  Weirdly enough though, I have not wanted any warm drinks but I think this is just because it has been gorgeous weather in Southern California.  So all is good still.

Prenatal Vitamins:  When Genki Husband and I decided we were going to get pregnant, months before conception, we did extensive research on prenatal vitamins. There are a lot of vegans whom have chosen not to go the vitamin route, which is totally fine because a vegan diet can supply the body with everything necessary.  We decided to go along with taking prenatal vitamins, even before conception, just as a blanket of safety.  No one person’s diet (no matter if you are vegan or a carnivore) is perfect so we just wanted to assure our unborn children got the best nutrition as possible.  Before conception and up to our 1st prenatal appointment, I was taking the Vegan Society approved Deva Prenatal Multivitamin.  I loved this vitamin however when we found out we were having twins, we were advised to take in around 800mg of folic acid (Deva only contains 550mg).  Folic Acid is found in vegetables, so I got plenty the first few months of pregnancy so my OB wasn’t worried but here on out he said it would be best to try to get more.  Now I am taking Rainbow Light Vegan prenatal vitamins.  Additionally, he suggested I take a Vegan approved DHA by DEVA.  So just these two prenatal vitamins just in case I eat a little less in a day than required to grow my twins the healthiest as possible.

Symptoms:  No issues really with my pregnancy yet, thanking God every day!  My pelvic bones have felt tiny cramp-like pains but my OB said this is good since it means my body is getting ready for the big day.  My lady parts have also had a few cramp-like pains this last week but I’ve read it is due to my uterus growing to accommodate my growing twins.  These pains are just a tiny bit of an annoyance, menstrual cramps were much worse.  Other than that, I have been blessed with no bleeding or other discharge that is normal in an early pregnancy.  I have to admit though, with twins I am also worried I will have blood discharge so I am constantly paying attention in fear it might happen.  I know, I’m a natural-born worrier… 🙂  Other than this, bloating has been my major symptom and for this, I will take it over any of the others.

Milestones: We did not have an appointment this week so I can not say the size of the twins this week.  Week 10 was a blessing to hear our twins were growing healthy and at a perfect size.  We hope this continues throughout the pregnancy.  My weight, even though I have increase my food intake, has not changed.  It fluctuates a few pounds each day but I am at a constant weight thus far.  At first this worried me however as I read others’ experience on forums and this is normal, even for twin pregnancy.  But if you have gained weight, do not fear, your body knows what to do and as long as you are eating plenty of food, your baby is getting enough to grow.

I’m Excited About:  The birth of my twins will constantly be the moment I look forward to the most, seeing them for the first time.  Right now I am excited my belly bump has made an appearance. Not only even notices however Genki Husband and I can definitely tell the slight difference in my belly.  My pants still fit but are getting a bit snug in the afternoon/evenings as my belly gets a bit bloated.  Finally I found one pair of maternity pants, maternity yoga pants and a shirt in preparation for the day I wake up and clothes do not fit.  If anyone knows where to buy affordable petite maternity clothes, please let me know.

I’m Nervous About: Results from our genetic testing done two weeks ago from a blood test has me nervous.  My family has no genetic abnormalities however anything can happen when creating babies.  Then of course, the worrier in me is constantly thinking of the safety and health of our babies.  When having twins, I think this is normal right?

Exercise:  Exercise is one of those misconceptions many women have during the first trimester. It is completely healthy to exercise throughout your pregnancy, unless it feels comfortable or your doctor tells you otherwise.  Exercise will make your unborn children healthier and the delivery of them easier (win-win).  My OB/GYN said women should only worry about dangerous sports that could cause injury to the belly.  We were even told hiking was okay, as long as it wasn’t to too steep where I could fall on my belly.  So, this means I have been walking, running (very minimal), yoga and etc.

Other thoughts and feelings:  We are just thrilled we are pregnant with twins, it is definitely a double blessing from God.  Genki Husband and I keep saying we are so thrilled we were blessed with an instant family, since we are not sure after the first one if we would go through it again.  The cost of two at once is a definite cause for concern but it will be worth it in the long run.

Note:  Right now we have been shopping for the nursery room furniture and other non-gender items.  If you have suggestions for baby essentials, please let me know!