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Vegan Twin Pregnancy Belly Bump Shot 10 weeks

The words, “Here’s Your Twins” will never be erased from my memory.  This remarkable moment, although shocking at first, was what I first heard as my put-it-as-it-is OB/GYN  announced during our first ultrasound during week 10.  If you are going through a pregnancy, planning on it or maybe just interested, I would love to share my 1-10th weeks of pregnancy with all of you and the weeks leading up to this special appointment.

Let me first start out with stating our twins were completely natural, no medical intervention was used.  Genki Husband and I had planned to get pregnant, our plan was to track my menstrual cycle with an app called Period Diary.  There are more apps out there on the market however this is just one I have been using for a few years to know when to expect my monthly visits.  It basically tracks monthly cycles and estimates a woman’s time of ovulation.  So we planned to start trying in September way back near the beginning of summer.  Then when the week came for ovulation, we started trying.  Who knew it would only take one try to be blessed with two miracles?

Week 1:  Two days after conception, Genki Husband and I went for a run outside, a short 5k.  It was at that moment, I knew for certain we were going to be pregnant.  During our run, I got super exhausted and had to stop after 2 miles, thinking I was going to lose my stomach.  This was the first time ever, so I knew something was up.  Genki Husband thought I was crazy since it was way too early to know our future.  No other symptoms…

Week 2-4:  Similar to week 1, my body and symptoms did not change much.  My only symptoms during this time were few in between, thank goodness.  My first symptom was hair loss and dry hair.  During this time every time I touched my hair, it would come out in small clumps.  I feared it falling out throughout my entire pregnancy and going bald.  Second was fatigue, this is probably one of the hardest symptoms as it hits hard.  All of a sudden, my normal no nap during the day turned into falling asleep during the day (usually twice).  Finally, my last symptom was probably more mentally hard than any of the others as it was a food aversion to leafy greens and beans/seeds.  Eating was a challenge at this time.

Week 4: Finally 4 days before my potential missed period, I worked up my courage to take a pregnancy test.  I took a First Response Pink test that digitally states Pregnant or Not Pregnant.  These are a bit more expensive but it is priceless when nervous not to have to count the infamously hard to read lines.  Genki Husband had to read the results, as I was too nervous.  It took a few minutes to completely digest the word ‘pregnant’ we were now starring at in front of us.  Then we were just thrilled to the moon that we were pregnant on the first try, it was just meant to be.  Three days after my missed period I took another test and again it said pregnant.  My symptoms were still pretty much the same, minus the hair loss.

Week 5-10: To my surprise, still no morning sickness nor any of the other symptoms that are associated with the early weeks of pregnancy.  My only symptoms were still the same food aversions, bloating and fatigue.  Occasionally if I did not eat on schedule, such as my husband arriving home late from work, I would get a little nauseous but then again I would get that before the pregnancy too. This only happened a handful of times.  During this time I also had a few side cramps, but again nothing as serious as normal menstrual cramps.

My first ten weeks led up to my first appointment, we waited until our 10th week because there is little for a doctor to see during the early stages.  Throughout this time, I took vegan prenatal vitamins and tried to eat as healthy as possible (minus my food aversions).  For exercise, I stopped running not because it was essential but because I felt sick to my stomach when I ran.  Instead I turned to walking as my main form of releasing stress and keeping fit.  I would highly recommend keeping fit during the first few weeks, I believe it really helped stave off the nasty pregnancy symptoms (along with being 100% vegan).

*Photo Note:  Not that it should matter however I am 4′ 11″ and 10 weeks pregnant in this photo with twins.  As of today, I have gained no weight but am a bit bloated in the lower abdomen area.  Clothes seen in the photo are a bit baggy still but that will definitely change soon.  My only visual change is my hair has thinned out by at least 1/2 and has lost all of it’s shine.  I am told this will change once my hormones balance in my 2nd trimester.