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Vegan Twin Pregnancy

Posts have been sparse, something I feel terrible about not posting more often.  Since being gone, I have missed sharing and encouraging discussions on the topic of fitness and eating healthy.  Most of all, I miss all of your comment and discussions.  As you can probably tell by the title of this blog post, I have a good reason: I’m Pregnant!  That’s not all, it’s twins!  Yep, Genki Husband and I are vegan and *defeating statistics and have vegan twins.

As of today, we are in our 11th week, which means we only have a few more days until our 12th week.  This means our first trimester is just about over with and the larger growing stages can begin for our little twins.

Our first appointment was in week 10, as I am writing this it was almost one week ago.  It actually took a long time to find a good OB/GYN for our pregnancy, our exact area does not have many available so we ended up going 50 minutes from our house.  We have only had one appointment but we feel our doctor is really going to match us well, so far he does not seem the type of hide and/or sugar-coat anything.  Some people may appreciate the opposite but I am the type that just wants to find out the true status and work it out as it appears.  Hopefully nothing drastic happens that will lead to any concern but it is nice to know if something needs attention we will hear about it first.

During this first appointment, my measurements such as weight and blood measure were measured and a urine sample was taken.  We were told by the nurse the urine sample was for testing things such as Chlamydia and other STD’s, nothing we had to worry about however we were told it was the law to test for these things.  Later on I found out it is not 100% the law that one must take these tests, so for the future we will make sure we do our research before going to the appointments.  After some routine questions of our families’ history and Q&A time, we were thrilled to be given the option of having an external ultrasound. Our doctor stated he was not sure if he was able to see the ‘baby’ at 10 weeks externally but I wanted to try just in case since I heard it was a bit better of an image.  Belly gel on and 2 seconds later we were starring at a screen with two circles, one slightly smaller than the other one.  First words from our doctor, “Here’s your twins!”  It took a few tries of the doctor before he got through to us that he was not joking and there were definitely two babies growing inside my tiny 4’ 11” body.

Vegan Twin Baby Status Week 10:  Babies are totally healthy and around 1.4 inches.  Our babies are fraternal and reside in their own completely separate sac and a membrane is dividing the two.  So our doctor believes there shall be no issues with one baby taking over nutrients from the other and etc.  We were reassured both babies are completely healthy and growing exactly as each one should be doing at this stage.  Baby B is ever so slightly smaller than Baby A but this is completely normal, and I’m talking less than a mm difference.

So we are not only pregnant but we are now going to be parents of vegan twins!  It took a day or so to get used to the idea of 2 babies growing inside my stomach, especially as there are no twins in either side of our families.  In fact, when we announced to our families this last week of our pregnancy and then twins, the first question is does the other side have twins.  Everyone is in shock but I believe most are completely thrilled.  So for now we are growing our tiny little vegan twins and waiting until summer 2017 for their arrival.

*Vegans are 5x less likely to have twins than carnivores Resource 1 & Resource 2.

Note:  Anyone else out there with twins?  I love comments, suggestions, advice and etc to help out with this pregnancy as it is our first one.  Anything and everything is always appreciated, knowledge from those whom have gone through the process to me is almost more priceless than advice from our medical professionals.  So please feel free to contact me.