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Less than 2 weeks until American Thanksgiving, hard to believe this year has passed so fast.  Last year at this time, Genki Husband and I were planning our move to Southern California.  This year, we are sitting in the warmth of the California sunshine, far away from the chill of Indiana.  While I have spent holidays away from family, Genki Husband has not, so this is a definite change for him this year.  If you are in the same situation, my experience has taught me holidays are just a certain day setup each year on a calendar, it does not behold ones amount of appreciate and love for those in your family.  Tickets during the holidays are pricy, so maybe try something alternative this year such as video chatting online, setting up for a flight just before or after the holiday and/or sending a little care package/holiday card to send some love back home.  My best method of making the most of a holiday without being in the same location as loved ones, plan ahead and make a new tradition for your own growing family.   So, whether you are making a new family tradition, celebrating your first vegan thanksgiving or just need some ideas for the holidays, below contains a bunch of vegan Thanksgiving videos to try new recipes.  Spreading the Vegan vlogger love today.  Enjoy!

These are just a few good Thanksgiving Recipe Vlogs I found, there are millions of others available though.  As always I have vegan recipes for Thanksgiving on my site, so please feel free to do a search and start testing before the holiday starts this year.  If you are in another country, there’s no rules, go ahead and make your own Thanksgiving dinner and enjoy the foods of America.