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Vegetables are always said to be the worst part of a meal, the section of a plate that kids traditionally have been seen in Hollywood movies to leave until the last second until feeding them to the dog sitting patiently under the table.  Why do veggies get a bad rap though?  Let’s take a look at some that will leave you asking why too…

Potato Lunch Idea Vegan Starch SolutionPotatoes, potatoes, potatoes everywhere… (*singing Barley Juice*)  Lately I have been trying out some meals with the Starch Solution Diet in mind.  Personally I have not gotten my hands on the book however I have heard some good things about the from other bloggers and vloggers.  It’s an interesting concept however I still have to do some more research and read the book before I come to a complete conclusion of this lifestyle. Personally I was not sure how potatoes were going to fulfill a persons’ dietary needs but I am finding more about this starchy tuber.  Apparently it not only contains a lot of essential vitamins and minerals but it is also considered a good source of fiber.  (Fiber helps with proper digestion.)  These little gems will help clear out your digestive track, seeing as it can not be broken down in the small intestine but has a free pass to the large intestine, taking along with it everything in its path.  If that weren’t enough to have my interest peaked, potatoes also helps with satiety, while some say these even help reduce body fat.  Again, I have more research to do but it is interesting and I believe everything in moderation.  Photo Lunch: A few potatoes (some not shown), tomato sauce and a bunch of collard leaves.

Spicy Chickpea Salad Vegan RecipeSpicy Chickpea Salad. This is lentils mashed with chickpeas with some cajun seasoning.  Simple but super delicious!  The entire dish also contained quinoa, pickled jalapeños, carrots, red bell peppers, homemade vegan ranch, sriracha, and romaine lettuce.

Lentil and Rice Salad Vegan RecipeLentil Salad that not only contains the rainbow but contains all essential vitamins and minerals the body needs to survive. Become your own powerhouse!

Refried Bean Salad Spicy Recipe

Refried Bean Salad that looks like it will knock the socks off any Texan but can be eaten by any delicate eater.  These are pickled jalapeños that has lost the spiciness that many do not appreciate in these spicy little ones.  Those of you asking how I made these on Instagram, this is the delicious recipe I made about a month ago.  It takes 1 month to pickle the jalapeños.This salad contained quinoa, salsa, homemade vegan ranch and refried beans.  Simple!

Probiotic Powered Salad Recipe

Probiotic Powerhouse Salad. Sauerkraut can take yogurt any day. Make the food you eat work for you.  Contains:  Romaine Lettuce, black olives, tempeh, red bell peppers, orange bell peppers, refried beans, sauerkraut, purple cabbage, and a little homemade vegan nacho cheese.  It was everything from the fridge.

Protein Packed Sweet Potato DishWhere do vegans get their protein? Well, a Sweet Potato dish covered with black beans and mixed veggie. So much protein going on in this dish.  This was a lunch when nothing else was available from leftovers the previous night.  First I steamed the sweet potato and then topped it off with home cooked black beans (no sodium), and mixed Trader Joe’s Soy’catash.  Of course, I had to top it with a drizzle of sriracha too.  Perfect!

Simple Vegan MealMeals don’t have to be complicated but rather are full of vitamins and minerals that the body needs.  This was a very busy day and when the time came to making dinner, I could not think of anything more than what was could be easily grasped.  This is Dave’s Killer Bread (tons of protein), cucumbers, freshly grown basil leaves, tomatoes, avocado, oranges, watermelon and Genki Husband had some leftover rice.  Normally Genki Husband has about 2x the amount of food I intake, merely because I am much smaller than him so my needs are different.

Portobello Mushroom Dinner with a kale salad

Portobello Mushroom Dinner with a kale salad. Nothing like a hot summer evening dinner from the BBQ.  Normally we just tossed cleaned portobello mushrooms on the fiery Barbecue and a sweet potato with a side of bbq’d asparagus.

Eggplant and Zucchini Sandwich Vegan RecipeEggplant and Zucchini Sandwich straight from the BBQ. Vegan hails the BBQ.  This is 2 slices of toasted Dave’s Killer Bread (Protein packed), homemade rosemary infused olive oil marinated zucchini and eggplant slices, all smothered in homemade hummus.

Vegan Japanese RecipesVegan Japanese dish that is perfect for hot summer nights or just whenever you want something delicious and vitamin/mineral packed.  Note: I love pickled ginger but if you can find non-colored ginger slices, you are better off since these are chemical additives.  The yellow Takuan contains MSG which is not health either but once in a while it is not going to do any harm in small amounts.  Some stores will have pickles without MSG, no additive added items however this specific Japanese store did not contain any and we really were craving them.  Win some, you lose some.

Japanese Curry RecipeLiving outside of Japan makes me miss Japanese recipes. Thank goodness for vegan Japanese curry.  This was a store bought roux but it is easy to make your own at home too.  This was a simple, “I don’t want to cook” night… On the side was steamed Japanese white rice, lettuce and Japanese pickles.

Vegan Pasta from the 99 cent storeSomething I found very interesting was corn and rice pasta, contains no gluten.  As of late, my stomach has been difficult and does not appreciate being filled with gluten, so I have been cutting it out more and more.  So this is perfect!  Amazingly enough I found this brand for only $1 USD in California at the 99 Cent Store.  It is available in our stores in the LA area, not sure if it is the same in all stores.  It has three ingredients (3rd one not mentioned is water) and tastes just like the other more expensive brands from health food stores.

These are just a few things I have been enjoying lately – my veggies.  So I want to urge all of you non-veggie eaters to get out there and enjoy a new dish incorporating more vegetables alongside your favorite dish.  For instance, I love curry but with a large portion of lettuce.  It’s a gentle balance that will really make a difference in your mineral/vitamin count for the day.  Small changes can turn into encouragement to eat more in the future without making too drastic of a difference with your tastebuds.

What is your favorite dish to eat right now?