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Testing New Morning Tonics: What I ate today vegan

Researching health benefits and overviewing new research studies is a hobby of mine, it is what influenced me to go fully vegan almost 10 years ago and to start this blog.  Hippocrates is quoted, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  I guess this quote has always been my method and an unsaid plan to stay away from conventional medicine, as much as possible.  Modern medicine is making strides in the right direction of curing major ailments but for such things such as the majority of diabetes in the world, heart patients, and et cetera all the way down to the common cold, it is not necessary.  It takes wise food/drink choices in everyday living to reduce and fight against contracting these illnesses.  Don’t get me wrong, an extremely healthy person can also contract these illnesses but the majority of the patients tend to be unhealthy eaters.

Does a person have to be 100% vegan to be 100% healthy?  Not necessarily, however, a person that does incorporate more fresh produce will see dramatic changes as far as health is concerned.  Higher fresh produce consumption has been seen to behold the  benefits of more energy, a clear mind for thinking and an overall increase in the level of happiness.  Hence, my research and unwavering interest in devouring any health related studies has brought me to studying up the benefits of increasing raw vegan foods into my diet.  Thus, as you might have seen, as of late, I have tried to incorporate at least two raw vegan meals into my diet daily.

Morning Tonics for digestion all natural

A morning tonic I found on the internet to help with digestion when starting a raw vegan lifestyle.  Digestion, you might ask, is an issue with some newbies as the higher level of fiber in the diet confusing the body.  It is one of the reasons many people start eating this way and feel bloated all the time.  1 large glass of water, 1 tsp turmeric and 1 lime, juiced.

Morning tonic for digestion

The finished product was this Halloween inspired orange colored drink.  This morning as I was grinding up the ingredients to make this drink in my beloved vitamix, it decided it was going to sprinkle a little in the cooler weather.  Very unseasonable in the desert as it’s not winter, so I have heard.  So drinks in hand, I headed outdoors to drink this 24 fl oz water and 12 oz tonic while smelling the rain drop.  Truthfully, I only made it through about half the drink before I had to toss out the white flag and call it quits.  It was a bit too much on the turmeric side for my stomach to keep down.  As far as digestion, even though I drank only half, I did not see even half the improvements in my digestion.  So, that tonic has been debunked as not working for my stomach issues.  Anyone else tried this before?  Did it work for you?

Coffee addicted veganAs I retreated from the terrible tasting tonic, I went to my beloved coffee before doing my morning yoga and meditation routine.  Sometimes our hearts and bodies need a little relaxation and rest with a nice cuppa and a good fun read or fun research study.

Papaya Nice Cream Breakfast Raw Vegan

The makings of the perfect bowl of raw vegan nice cream. So delicious!!!  This was around 5 bananas, 1/2 cup diced papaya, and shredded coconut flakes (unsweetened).  I even placed some of the edible seeds into the mixture since these have an incredible amount of nutrients.  Just be careful with the seeds since these can be a bit bitter and do contain a high level of fat content.

Papaya Blueberry Raw Vegan Nice Cream Breakfast recipeThis is what happens when you are Pinterest’ing and making breakfast at the same time.  I possibly went a little overboard but who is counting when you are eating raw vegan.  Did I mention this is the beauty of healthy foods?  You get to eat in large amounts and not count calories since produce is generally low in calories and digests faster than animal products.  As seen above, this is the banana cream, papaya and coconut.  Additionally I tossed in a few blueberries and coconut sugar just for the color and flavor.  This was so amazing, I can’t even describe the flavor since it was so unbelievable tasty.  A simple bowl of fruit that was less than 400 calories kept me satiated until lunch.

Watermelon with basil combination raw vegan

Watermelon meal paired with fresh basil from the garden. It’s an odd combination but it does work.  I had about 3 bowls of this freshly cut watermelon and some more basil.

Fresh Papaya meal ideaFood combining is the health aspect I am researching right now.  It has been found the feeling of being bloated is not always due to the fact of wrong food choices but sometimes it comes from combining the wrong foods together.  One can eat healthy but it takes the proper food combinations to feel good after a meal.  Thus, today’s lunch was fresh papaya, blueberries and mint as a combination for my lunch.  I added 2 bananas to this meal about an hour afterwards.

what I ate veganLarge vegan salad for dinner is the perfect treat for a hot summer night.  This contained bell pepper, cucumber, romaine lettuce, tofu, tomato, roasted corn, cilantro and I put on hot sauce and a homemade vegan ranch after the photo was taken.

Do you try to get at least 1x raw vegan meal in a day? Comment Below, I love reading your comments.