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Happiness partially comes from what a person eats, it’s a mental and physical state that is highly connected to one another.  Think of the happiness shining from those in the blogosphere, those eating a consistent diet of live vegan foods.  You know the people, the ones impossibly happy, the ones that make Disneyworld employees look sad.  Lately, I have been researching the benefits of certain foods and/or the benefits of eating a plant-based raw vegan diet.  It turns out, you are the food you eat.  Apparently the more plant-based living foods digested, the “happy nutrients” will make a person.  Thus, one of the keys to being happy such as the bloggers/vloggers out there is just to eat more live-plant-based foods.

This last week, I’ve tried eating at least two raw vegan meals each day.  Mainly these meals consisted of bananas and a few other foods tossed into the mixture.  This does require a lot of ahead planning, especially to purchase and then wait for the box loads of bananas to ripen.  We tend to purchase a few organic packages from Costco for less than $2.00 (around 10 bananas).  Then we also go to Trader Joes and do the same, these ripen faster than the Costco brands, hence the double purchase.  All of fruits and vegetables we mostly purchase from Trader Joe’s, as the prices are about the same as Costco and are treated a bit better in transportation.  As of yet, we still have not found a local grocery store we enjoy with good prices.  (Sprouts and Whole Foods Market why are you not here?!)

Banana Nice Cream

Breakfast:  Banana Nice Cream for Breakfast is simply my favorite thing on a hot summer morning. I topped mine off with coconut sugar just to add a caramel flavor.

Snack: Another banana and a few mini bell peppers.

Raw Vegan Lunches

Lunch: It may not seem like much however this was lunch.  I also had another couple of bananas and a second (okay, truthfully, a few more servings of blueberries) and a peach.  Super filling.

Snack:  Watermelon (No Photo Sorry)

Super easy raw vegan dinner ideaDinner: Super easy raw vegan dinner when you don’t feel like cooking in a hot kitchen because it’s hot outside. Banana Nice Cream and a Avocado rubbed kale salad with freshly picked tomatoes on top.  To make the salad, take a large bunch of kale and chop up into fork-sized pieces.  Mash up a whole avocado (or however much you prefer) and toss it in with the kale.  Take some clean hands and massage it into the kale.  Then take the juice of 1 lime and sprinkle on some sea salt, give it a good stir and you have a salad.

Note: Today was after we had gone into the city for a special anniversary day out.  We had a lot of “special” meals out and I was still completely stuffed from our adventure.  Thus, today’s meals were much less than a person should be eating on a normal basis.  Remember, eating raw vegan meals one must eat more to fulfill calorie requirements and also to compensate for the high digestion rate.

What’s Your Favorite Easy Meal Right Now?