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Vegan Breakfast Sandwiches meal prepping

Meal prepping seems to be all the fad right now, from placing numerous meals in the freezer to just prepping vegetables for the work week ahead.  Thankfully I work from home for now, so preparing meals is not as much as task as it is for others.  Time management is key when you work from home full-time and plan to prepare everything homemade.  Before moving to California, I made all breakfast meals for Genki Husband homemade and on the spot.  Now that we have moved here, he has a long drive to work, so it is just not possible with the long hours worked daily.  So lately I have been planning on meal prepping for his breakfast, something filling and ready to-go in the car.  Enter the creation of the vegan breakfast sandwich.

Vegan Breakfast Sandwich high protein

Makes 3

1 pkg tofu

1 pkg vegan deli slices (3 servings)

3 bagels, english muffins, or biscuits

a little vegan butter to taste, optional

salt and pepper, to taste

1 tsp garlic powder, ground

1 tsp onion powder, ground

1 tsp cumin powder, ground

  1.  Slice the tofu brick into 3 thin slices, not creating chunks but layers.  Take each layer and use a circle cookie cutter (a large glass works too) and make three “egg” inspired shaped tofu slices.
  2. Lightly spray a frying pan and place the tofu slices when warm.  Season 1 side with salt and pepper.  Fry until golden brown.
  3. Lightly toast your bread item selected.  I used vegan approved everything bagels, last week I made them with vegan approved english muffins.
  4. Spread a little butter on each side once toasted, if desired.
  5. Flip the tofu slices over when browned.  Sprinkle with the garlic, onion and cumin powders on the unseasoned side.  Flip again for a few seconds.  (Tip: I usually remove the hot pan from the heat source and only let the seasoned side fry for a few seconds as it will burn fast.)
  6. Place the tofu slices on the toasted bread item.  Place 1 serving of vegan deli slices on each sandwich.
  7. Wrap up and place in the fridge or freezer.

Seeing as we do not have a microwave, I remove one sandwich from the freezer and place into the fridge the night before.  The next morning I toast the sandwich all together and it is ready to go.  Microwave also works if you have not got a toaster oven.

What’s your favorite homemade breakfast to-go meal?