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California sunset

Today ended my raw until 4 eating structure, put into place this past week.  It has become aware to me and my husband, grocery shopping is a must as our fridge has seen a drastic decline.  We have miscellaneous items such as vegan mayo, barley tea, peaches and etc.  However, nothing really can be placed together to make a full nutritious raw vegan meal.  Sure those peaches were tempting but as I have to share them with Genki Husband, I am sure he would be a little somber if I ate all of them without sharing a single one.  Our kitchen does have bananas but they are greener than our dead California grass outside.  These are now ripening in our kitchen window, mocking the frying grass outside.  So todays’ meals are a bit heavy and unusual for my common day preferences for myself.  Either way, I’ll share the good and the bad (since we all have days such as this one).

Avocado Toast is a great option for breakfastAvocado Toast, again! I know! Bananas and avocados are two items we constantly have in our kitchen, we purchase in bulk weekly to rotate them to constantly have a few on demand.  This week our bananas we a bit low so we ran out and now we have to wait, the long dreaded wait for the bananas to ripen.  Alongside the sprouted whole wheat toast was a peach and a few leftover strawberries.

Banana Nice CreamBanana Nice Cream is one of those pleasures raw vegans find out about and in turn complete the transition to raw veganism.  Take 6-7 frozen bananas (depends on your hunger level, be brave go for a few), place them in a blender with a little water and blend until smooth.  For lunch I topped mine with organic coconut sugar.  Such an amazing meal!  It’s like eating ice cream without the guilt for lunch!

Simple vegan tofu saladIt turned out to be a bit cooler today, which lead me into the kitchen to prepare a meal for dinner.  I made homemade tofu eggless salad and prepared a simple salad with cucumber and carrot slices over a bed of romaine lettuce.  Additionally on the side, I had mini bell peppers and some homemade onigiris.  Lettuce does not contain enough calories at around 10 calories per 1 cup, so please don’t just eat a little salad and think your body can be sustained by it.  Food = energy and when you starve yourself your body responds with lack of energy and/or health issues down the road.

Homemade Japanese Onigiri's (Rice Balls) stuffed with Tofu saladTofu Salad Stuffed Onigiri’s (Rice Balls): Onigiri is a dish I learned to make while living in Japan.  Every single convenience store (similar to a gas station only without selling gasoline) sells these for about $2-5, depending on the filling.  It is a basic recipe of mixing 3 cups cooked rice, 3 tbsp rice vinegar (not regular), 1/2 tbsp sugar (optional), and 1-2 tsp salt (optional).  Form the rice balls into a shape and slap on some seaweed sheets (optional).  I like to have extra seaweed so they don’t stick together as much in a bento.  I filled these with the tofu salad recipe above.  You can fill them with just about anything though, this is just what we had in the kitchen.

Funny Furry baby in hot summerLast night was not as hot as the previous week, so we opened up our windows and enjoyed the fresh air. It was a wee bit warm, however it was comfortable.  Genki Cat was enjoying the floor nearby our kitchen table as we feasted.  She loves to lay like this to air her belly, especially if there is a fan running.

What funny thing does your furry baby do in the summer time?