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Raw vegan Breakfast ideas apricot

“What I Ate Wednesday” posts are what I look forward to each week on my favorite bloggers.  It’s a nice glimpse into the lives of others (because I’m nosey) and a unique high-technology way to come up with ideas to create something new in my kitchen.  Lately though it has been hot (You must be tired of me saying that now), so I have stayed away from the appliances that utilize heat as much as possible.  Thus, raw vegan has been my go-to this last week or two for my own personal meals.  Genki Husband prefers to have a cooked meal at the end of the day, an occasional salad, so I  lean towards only cooking at night for him.  His other two meals of the day I prepare ahead of time but I will get into that later on another post.  So on to what I made Wednesday.

Photo Above: Breakfast was a few bananas and a few California grown apricots, as these are in season.  This doe not look like a lot however due to the heat and lack of sleep the night before, my desire for food was minuscule.

Vegan Vietnamese Noodle Salad and Vegetable wrapsVietnamese Noodle Salad and Vegetable wraps: Leftover Lunches can be exciting when you mix a few different meals together. These were created yesterday, recipes here.  To tell the truth, I was hungry about this time of day so I ate a few tiny bowls of the noodle salad and left the vegetables for another meal.

Vegan Sweet Potato Wraps recipeVegan Sweet Potato Wraps and some fresh vegetables: You will probably notice I am a bit lazy when it comes to my own meals.  I had these leftover wraps so I had them for dinner – there are a few leftover too.  Genki Husband had some leftover BBQ tempeh, brown rice and some sweet potatoes.

Hot Summer Desert IdeaDessert Time: Tonight was so delightfully surprising with the decrease of temperature to 92F/33C at night, a light breeze included.  We headed outside to enjoy our desert of California grown apricots and mangos with some homemade vegan oat cookies.  These cookies I made ahead on a cooler day and froze for Genki Husband to enjoy at work as a snack. These have protein powder, cranberries and vegan chocolate chips.  Perfect frozen!

What’s your favorite meal to eat in the hot summer sunshine?