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Wavy American Flag Crochet PatternCrocheting has been a hobby of mine since I started in middle school while in 4-H.  It is a simple way to double up on benefits:  relaxation and homemade afghans.  Two years ago, I completed a spring crochet afghan and the year before that it was a Christmas themed afghan.  My plans have been to make a creation for each special holiday or season to set out for guests to use in our living room for comfort.  Or let’s face it, so our furry babies can live in luxury.  (Personal reminder, humans do not own the houses, the furry babies do.)  So I had intended on making this crochet project all along, this year was finally the year for this one.  It hit me as I was crocheting it in 100F/40C, “why am I making a hot afghan for the desert in Southern California?”  Either way I forged on and completed this gorgeous afghan.  (pattern links below)

So whether you are sitting in the hot Southern California heat wondering how you can make yourself even more hot or looking for a patriotic crochet pattern, I would love to share with all of you my project completed.  Ravelry is where I store my plans and dreams for knitting and crocheting.  If you are a member, please come find me under Genki Kitty.  It’s an easy pattern but just takes a little patience to complete if hot out and you are at the final stage of hand sewing the 50 stars.  It is gorgeous completed though, I would suggest it to anyone.

Boysenberry Irish Steel Cut Oats with no added sugar Boysenberry Steel Cut Irish Oats: Hot summer days can lead the body to perform differently, many diabetics will attest to this statement.  Sugar laden foods should be afforded on hot summer days, such as added sugar to breakfast foods.  Personally I am hypoglycemic so my body requires a bit more in the heat but for the most part, most people do have a negative effect when intaking too much sugar on a hot day (especially sugar drinks which can serve as a diuretic).  So for this reason, breakfast for Genki Husband turned into an experiment with natural sugar in boysenberries from our own yard.  Normally I made Irish oats on the stove and Genki Husband drizzles 100% pure maple syrup on top but today I made him a bowl of oats which were cooked with 1 cup of boysenberries.  The sugar content was lower than if added processed sugar but the type of sugar does matter in the case of extreme heat.  Added were ground flax seeds and freshly cut California strawberries.

Homegrown cherry tomato in californiaEvery morning around breakfast, I tend to my “garden” of fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes and a general variety of plants.  The weather has been very hot lately so I water daily, especially the produce items.  About a week ago I found this cherry tomato all ripe and hanging out, ready to eat.  So this is our official first cherry tomato grown in SoCal.

california runner bloggerSimple sign you are a runner, your swimming pool fence is covered in drying running clothes.  We have since taken down this child protection fence however this is a great option if it is hot out.  After a run to cool down, jump in the pool and do a few laps, take to the shower and rinse your sweaty clothing items, and finally place them out to dry.  Perfect green method to preserve your used running gear without letting them sit stinking up your laundry room.  (If anything, this method probably gives my pool guy a good laugh.)

Sweet Potato and Hummus wraps Recipe freeSweet Potato and Hummus Wraps: Lately I have been testing out a lot of different raw vegan options in our household, mostly thanks to the hot temperatures outside and my lack of appetite.  These were collard leaf wraps filled with mashed sweet potato, bell pepper, carrots and cucumbers.  In the back of the photo you can see mini bell peppers filled, decapitated and filled with a tiny bit of hummus.  This filled me up for the entire afternoon, even after a long 4 mile run in the 100F/38C sunshine.

Raw Vegan Hummus wraps Recipe freeHummus Wraps: Another version of the previous wraps but made just with hummus and a few added veggies such as shredded cabbage.  If you have a vegetable in your fridge, toss it in.  If not raw vegan, go ahead and toss in some tofu or other cooked vegan protein.  Note: chickpeas are normally blanched or cooked so traditional varieties are not raw vegan.  For the perfect raw vegan substitute click here for a free recipe.

Spinach Banana Smoothie RecipeSpinach Banana Smoothie:  If you are a follower, you should have known there was going to be at least 1 smoothie recipe in this blog, as per my requirements lately.  This morning we had just finished our frozen organic berries so we were in desperate need to run to the store.  It always seems we run out near the end on at least 1 week a month, others we have a good amount of leftovers.  Oh well, there is always spinach.  This breakfast was the perfect solution to get a ton of spinach and 5-6 bananas.  There is nothing wrong with eating a few bananas, do not be afraid of multiples.  We all need to get our heads wrapped around eating healthy foods, not starvation.

Vegan Vegetable Sushi Recipe FreeVegan Vegetable Sushi Made 3 Ways: Lately I have been craving sushi and other Japanese foods.  So, I did what every vegan does, went to the kitchen to make my own.  This recipe hails from the website Elva Jane.  In Japan I learned to make sushi however it contains fish and other meats, so I was interested in seeing how other vegans made theirs so I followed along with this recipe.  It contains Teriyaki Mushroom Rolls, Spicy Cauli Rolls, and a Rainbow Roll with a Miso Sauce.  We enjoyed all the sushi recipes but found the miso sauce to be a bit too much and rather used a little soy sauce for dipping.  Otherwise, highly suggested to anyone that loves sushi.

Vegan Sushi Recipe Free

Just another image that is better to see the ingredients these rolls contained.  The recipe makes a ton, so you can place in your fridge for just less than a week and freshness is kept.

Homemade Black Bean Quinoa BurgerIf you have already seen yesterdays post, I mentioned and recommended this Black Bean Quinoa Burger recipe.  This is the burger in all its glory – California style which just means with avocado.  The bun was upside down, that’s the strange way I always eat them.  Side dish of BBQ’d zucchini slices.

What have you been loving to eat lately? I would love to have recommendations, especially raw vegan meals.