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Apricot Banana Smoothie Recipe¬†ūüĆīūüĎôHappy Summer Genki Friends! ūüĎôūüĆī ¬†It’s finally here, the longest day of the year and the start of the summer season. ¬†That’s right, forget about the BBQ and pool parties from last season, it is summer BBQ and pool season. ¬†Is there a difference, I have no idea, but there is just something that sounds more alluring about it. ¬†Today I want to share with all of you Genki Friends my meals yesterday. ¬†My day was rather a bore however my meals were amazingly nutritious and screamed, not for ice cream, summer is here. ¬†Actually I tried to make vegan banana ice cream but it melted due to it being 113F/44C – so I had a banana smoothie instead. ¬†Not a bad trade-off.

Apricot-Banana Smoothie (Above): 2-4 apricots and 4-5 bananas.  Blend with a little water and you have a velvety smooth smoothie to enjoy on a hot day.  Tip:  Add some ice cubes to keep it really cool on a hot summer day.

Raw Vegan breakfast ideaWhen it is around 90F/32C in the early morning, this is the type of breakfast my body pleads for instead something hot like a porridge. ¬†Strawberries are an excellent selection on hot summer days, as these little treasures have a 1/2-full serving of your daily vitamin C. ¬†Why is this necessary? Well if it’s hot, most of you likely will come in contact with the sun at least a few minutes, so Vit C fights against free-radicals from harmful UV rays and actually will assist in preventing¬†wrinkles. ¬†Some research studies suggest strawberries help fight cancer and diabetes but there is not enough information collected to guarantee these statements. ¬†But wrinkle fighting will keep me returning to these high fibre and water containing berries from Gods’ green earth.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie RecipeStrawberry-Banana Smoothie: Super easy to put together but always a crowd pleaser, especially on a hot summer day.  Toss in your blender 4-5 bananas and a few handfuls of strawberries with some water and you have a meal to-go.

Fast Breakfast recipe for summerPB2 Bananas: There is something to do with summer that pushes my tastebuds towards raw vegan food, especially¬†Vitamin C, magnesium and manganese rich bananas. ¬†Bananas are so nutrient rich, many people believe this fruit will increase white blood cells in the body by boosting ones’ immune system. ¬†For this breakfast, there are 5-6 bananas sprinkled with chocolate pb2. PB2 is an alternative to ground peanut butter as it has less than 1/2 the fat content. ¬†Note on fat: ¬†Fat is essential to the human body by delivering fat-soluble vitamins, gives energy and contains essential fatty acids that help our hair and skin look picture-ready.

Raw vegan lunch idea collard leaves bananaRaw Vegan Collard and Apricot Lunch:Apricots are in season in California so we have started to purchase these stone fruits, putting them in everything possible. ¬†The smoothie was the Apricot-Banana Smoothie pictured above. ¬†On the side I had collard greens filled with fresh avocados topped with sauerkraut. ¬†These wraps sound a bit stomach-churning but I assure you these are mouthwatering. ¬†A lot of the time we decide we aren’t going to like the flavor of something before tasting items, if we turned around our tasting methods we will find we enjoy a lot more, such as this recipe. ¬†The wraps not only have a bit of “healthy fat” but also anti-cancer glucosinolates from natural fermented sauerkraut (not to forget¬†the, ahem, digestive benefits). ¬†Also included were a few mini bell peppers (a few eaten already).

Black Bean Quinoa Burgers for the BBQBlack Bean Quinoa Burgers: This recipe was a gem not-so-hidden on Pinterest by the lovely Marlena over at Where You Get Your Protein. ¬†Basically the recipe was ready to be made in our household, minus the¬†vegan worcestershire sauce which we still have not found a good vegan option in our area. ¬†I used soy sauce instead and it turned out just perfect. ¬†Highly suggested. ¬†I assume if you are salt-free these would work by just omitting the¬†vegan worcestershire sauce altogether. ¬† We BBQ’d these protein-packed patties outside and there were no “accidents”. ¬†These were frozen for a few weeks and warmed up in our toaster oven, a bit more crumbly but that’s to be expected after freezing. ¬†On the side I served fresh avocado, mashed, and some BBQ sauce to make it a true California style burger (I mean we did move to California so that’s required right?).

Vietnamese Chicken-free Noodle Salad RecipeVietnamese Chicken-free Noodle Salad: Lately I have been trying to find the best Vietnamese recipes as I have not found the perfect restaurant serving vegan options in our new residential location. ¬†The search is to-be-continued… ¬†So for now we continue on at home. ¬†Not originally vegan, I just made this recipe by turning it vegan (cruelty and cholesterol free). ¬†Instead of animal chicken, I used Trader Joes’ vegan chicken less strips and diced with scissors. ¬†I took the diced protein and saut√©ed with a little of the sauce. ¬†Additionally, I substituted the fish sauce with soy sauce and again, no issues at all. ¬†This dish reminds me of Korean Chapjae but tastes completely different as the seasoning is different. ¬†To make this dish, please do not forget to use the fresh mint and cilantro, these two herbs really make the dish delicious and authentic. ¬†So try this recipe, you won’t be disappointed.

Those were the meals I managed to put together in the extreme Southern California heat from the last two days.  Not only is each one nutrient-packed but also take just a wee bit of time in the kitchen.  The vegan burgers were the only ones I made ahead of time and frozen.