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Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon Review

Breakfast sandwiches have to be my absolute favorite breakfast item, probably since I was in my teens.  My fondest memories with my father as a child was in elementary school, after dropping off my older sister to her school, my father would take me to purchase breakfast.  After our sneaky trip to fast-food restaurants, we would drive a short mile to the local memorial park and enjoy a chat while we ate breakfast.  It was a special time for me since not only was I getting a special breakfast out but more importantly I was able to have one-on-one time.  My father worked long hours as an executive in command of a large company, so he traveled often and was not always home.  So this time was very special to me.  Whether the love for breakfast sandwiches were for the taste or for the memory of chatting with my father is the cause for my favoritism of this dish I am not sure, all I know is I can’t get enough of them.  So, when I saw this vegan bacon product, I couldn’t wait!

Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon ReviewBreakfast sandwiches are so easy to make and the ingredients are readily available just about anywhere in the nation.  This includes, Daiya Chez (Sorry Natalie), Vegan Bacon, Vegan butter, firm tofu and vegan approved English muffins.

Vegan Breakfast Sandwich with Sweet Earth BaconThe finished product.  Okay, so the bacon does not exactly look like bacon but it is a great attempt.  We really enjoyed the bacon option and found the package contained more servings than the slim package suggests.  The taste is less salty than traditional bacon but it is a great option.  It can also be used for bacon sandwiches.

Would we buy it again?  Yes and no.  We loved the taste, not 100% bacon but a great alternative.  But, the texture was a bit more cardboard style and the price was a bit more than we can justify for breakfast sandwiches.  If you have a larger grocery budget than we have, this is a wonderful alternative.

Have you tested this product?  Please give your opinion too!