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Vegan Options at Yardhouse Grill

Yard House Grill is a pub chain located around the nation, mostly in large metropolitan cities.  Funnily enough, one was located in Chicagoland, Illinois (where we used to live) and we never dined there, thankfully our area in the desert has been blessed with one too.  Our friends actually recommended the place, after hiking the Vasquez Rocks, it was a happy blend of carnivores and vegans together at one table.  Above is the menu for Gardein meals, not all are vegan.  ASK FOR A VEGAN MENU!

Yard House Grill Vegan Options

It’s important to mention you are vegan, some waitstaff members will give you a vegan menu, while some will just tell you what is available.  We have been there quite a few times but only once we were given a vegan menu. It all just depends.  There is nothing on the vegan menu that is not noted on the main menu, it only shows the vegan while subtracting the vegetarian options.

Vegan Options Yard House Grill

Note they have real salads too, not just a piece of lettuce with all other listed ingredients being taken off.  This had Gardein chickenless strips. Note: It’s dark in the restaurant, so the photos are a bit dark and grainy, sorry.

Vegan Options at Yard House Grill

Gardein Chickenless sandwiches are a good option, just make sure to mention you are vegan since the dressings are mainly not vegan.  The fries are delicious!

What’s your favorite item to eat at Yard House Grill?