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Prior to moving to the desert, I had many trepidations of the lifestyle we would live an hour from the comforts of city life in Los Angeles.  Like many of you, researching a place on the internet is the first place a person goes to find out more information.  Since I did not know of anyone whom had previously lived or even traveled to this area, it was up to the internet to solely build an image of the area in my mind.  We live in an area built around the aviation industry, aerospace research and development is now taking eagerly taking over in strides.  It is definitely an area for aerospace enthusiasts or rocket engineers to fulfill their life dream of making changes in the world we know on earth and in outer space.  It is the modern day Orlando, Florida (Kennedy Space Center).  (Minus the alligators, add Mojave snakes… gasp!)  Research did little to no help, there is just not that much positive information out there of the area.  So, as some of you might have noticed, I have started to post a lot more life photos and destination photos of the area to spread the joys of living in this area.  Many families in the armed forces are stationed in this area, so I want to help all of you out in knowing what is available in the area that is safe and fun.  Enjoy!

Joe Davies Airpark is a free outdoor museum (might as well be as it is the sunny desert).  It is open free to the public and offers free parking.  We had a blast going to this outdoor museum, delighting in getting up close and personal with retired aircraft that either served to protect this country and served as research technology advancing our knowledge in science.  Children and adults will enjoy walking around the open park and seeing what previous years lead to today’s technology.  There is a cement path to follow for most of the grounds but if one wants to get up close to the planes, a few have challenging rock paths.  I believe it would be easily handicapped accessible but someone with walking challenges might not find it as enjoyable.  (Just a head’s up…)

Blackbird Airpark is located on the same property, there is a small gate to enter through on the Joe Davis Airpark location.  You will see signs indicating the path to the museum/shop.  At this location you will find the “world’s only display of a Lockheed SR-71A together with its predecessor A-12, along with the once ultra-secret D-21 drone and the only remaining U-2 “D” model in the world.”

Directions: 2001 East Avenue P, Palmdale, CA 93550; 661/267-5611

Hours: Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday
11 am-4 pm, excluding major holidays, weather permitting