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More than not, a fitness/weight loss plan is halted by a lack of a stable schedule set up and put into action.  Even though I sometimes am called a “fitness guru”, I am shamed by the fact, I too have fallen to this blunder, causing my goal deadline to be pushed out to a further date.  My first hand account usually is caused by creating a plan and falling short when I do not stick to it.  Normally I end up making an ornately detailed chart of every everything from my main goal down to the exact amount of morsels to enter my mouth.  Planning is not a problem of mine but over scheduling to a fine-pinpoint, one that pierces my goal in the proactive heart of the full schedule. To put it in simple terms, I fall short by expecting too much of myself and being able to stick to it completely.  Throughout my years, I have found sticking to the plan requires one not only to plan realistic steps to ones’ goals but also to setup a reasonable time schedule.  Once this is in place, prioritize around your preplanned schedule.

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