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What I ate vegan Have I already posted plenty of ideas of our dishes lately?  Probably, but, that will not stop me…  Here is the last post of backup meals, at least today, I promise.  These photos are from the winter months still, aka from January until just before March 2016.  This means the produce contains basic staples available all year around.  Now it is March, produce has turned fresh and colorful, similar to the rainbow.  This is the start of my favorite season, since watermelons start to come into the shops.  Hooray!  But yeah, here are the meals we enjoyed the last few weeks.  All vegan.

Vegan pizza recipe, california stylePizza is something we tend to eat at least once a month, at home and out.  The dough is homemade (it’s so simple to make your own) and the rest of the ingredients are fresh from the store.  Underneath the Daiya Vegan chez, avocados and sliced tomatoes is a sautéed mixture of tomato sauce, onions, spinach and garlic.  On the crust I like to sprinkle on garlic powder and it sticks without using butter.

Vegan dinner ideas tempehTempeh sautéed and placed over steamed quinoa, steamed fresh broccoli and a side of oven-roasted sweet potato.  This is a simple dinner, especially if you roast all your sweet potatoes on a rest day.  If you are really busy, go for frozen broccoli or precut from the store.

vegan lunch ideas for lazy peopleLunch for lazy people, aka, me.  This is a bed of organic baby spinach and kale.  Topped with vegan hot dogs, homemade guacamole, sriracha and homemade vegan ranch.  Additionally I tossed in some leftover sautéed onions and bell peppers.  Super tasty and easy, hooray!

Vegan dinner ideas for lazy vegansThis is another vegan dinner/lunch I make all the time for myself since I am lazy at times.  I go through times when I am lazy, other times I get thrills of making a 10 course meal.  Who knows what my mood will be…  So this is steamed quinoa, frozen veggies, scrambled tofu from breakfast and a little soy sauce.  I love, love this idea and eat it at least 1x a week.

Lazy Vegan MealsAnother lazy lady meal that I love to make, shared before on numerous occasions.  This is leftover steamed Japanese brown rice, soy sauce and frozen veggies.  I love to make this and then add something like tofu, tempeh or even TVP.  It all depends on what I have available.

vegan guacamole recipe

Another staple in our household, guacamole, especially in the summer for parties.  In fact, I just made this for a house party we had the other night and everyone fell in love with it.  It does contain 1/4 cup jalapeños but to tell the truth, you can not really tell.

Vegan taco night recipeThis is our version of lazy but cheap vegan taco night.  It comes complete with a taco night song but I’ll reframe from singing it right now.  Obviously you can see the tortillas and chips but then we also had sautéed cajun seasoned vegan chicken strips/spinach/onion, and a mixture of onion/garlic/bell peppers.  Then we also served homemade guacamole.  This served 4 people.

Vegan soup recipesI am confident 100% this recipe has been shared before and I have raved about the taste.  PPK Dilly Stew with Rosemary Dumplings.

Vegan options in Tehachapi, CaliforniaBlue Ginger Pho has become something we can’t get enough of while in Tehachapi, California.  We stayed in the mountains the first two months in California in an extended stay condo.  It was a very small town but right there in the mists of fast-food chains and two grocery stores was this little gem.  The above photo is vegetarian pho made with vegetarian broth, please make sure you ask for vegetarian broth otherwise it will come with a meat broth.  This is one serving, the price is extraordinarily reasonable for the large amount received.  This is our #1 choice in the area up in Tehachapi.

Kevita vegan productKevita Probiotic drink that is very similar to the popular kombucha drinks on the market but at a more feasible price.  According to the bottle and company website, it is certified organic, non-GMO, low in calories, non-dairy, and lightly sweetened.

Teavana JavaVana Mate reviewTeavana JavaVana Mate is one of my favorites on cooler days. Add a little unsweetened vanilla almond milk and it is similar to having a chai latte without all the additives and calories.  The price is very reasonable on this specific tea and a 2oz bag will last for quite a while.

What’s your favorite meal lately?