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weight loss workout motivation quotesYesterday, as I first began this blog post, shortly after conquering this week’s motivational Monday theme, our electricity went out.  Not that we were in the middle of a snow storm or natural disaster, rather, our electricity company was up to some planned repairs (something I had forgotten up until it went out).  It is okay though, I am sure one day late does not unravel your entire weekly schedule.  At least I hope not…  So without further ado, I would like to discuss the idea of everyone creating a dream.  It is around 8 weeks until summer (winter in the Southern Hemi), so it is the best time to start out with a dream and accomplish it by the time summer is around.  Why not?  It is an 8 week commitment to yourself, you are worth all your dreams come true.  Once you have a dream imagined, turn it into a schedule with responsible steps.  Summer time comes around, you will be so proud of yourself for setting up a simple dream and achieving it.  It just takes 30 days to fall into a pattern, so take the 30 days to establish a routine and then the next 30 days to really push yourself to accomplish whatever it is you planned.  Things happen when you push yourself and work on a dream.

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What is your goal?

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