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Vegan recipes freeHere’s part 2 of my recap of dishes I have been serving my family lately.  All recipes are linked, if available.  All recipes are vegan.  If you missed the first part of this “What I Ate” series, please visit What I ate Edition 1.  Enjoy!

Free vegan dinner recipe tempeh bbq Moving into a new house in California has been a bit more difficult than in other states, at least that is our experience.  So easy to put together dinners are the best method for us, this was just the case for us in this dinner idea.  We bought the Trader Joe’s Apple Bourbon BBQ sauce (which if you haven’t tested it out, go out and get it) to place on this grilled tempeh.  To make it yourself, cut 1 package of tempeh into slices and fry on all sides for a few minutes until golden brown on all sides.  Once this is achieved, turn off the heat and add the desired amount of bbq sauce (any kind works).  Stir until well-coated.  We then placed the tempeh over steamed Japanese brown rice and added a bed of organic romaine lettuce topped with a roasted carrot and a roasted sweet potato.  Super easy and super nutritious.

Free recipe vegan tunaWe make this vegan tuna just about every other week, sometimes every week.  It is super easy to mix together from ingredients we make sure we have in our pantry at all times.  This time around we had the tuna salad on top of sprouted whole grain bread, topped with baby spinach and alongside a roasted sweet potato.  Free Recipe

vegan quinoa bowl for lunch free recipeMy go-to lunch recipe for any season.  On a normal basis we have some sort of cooked grain in our fridge and also some frozen veggies in our freezer.  So I toss them in a frying pan and sauté until warmed through.  Then I add fresh baby spinach and a little soy sauce.  This dish was made with cooked quinoa, cooked black beans, spinach and mixed vegetables.  It’s also reasonably priced to make too.

Vegan free recipe shepherd pieGenki Husband asks for this recipe a few times a year, mostly in the cold months.  Shepherds’ pie is something he remembers from his childhood, something I have never been fond of because I grew up in a German household (not common dish).  So I oblige him once a while and make a full batch and freeze for later meals on busy nights.  This dish is something that does take a bit longer, not for the difficulty level, but the amount of steps.  It is a hearty meal and does make enough for a dozen or so Shepherds though so worth the time.  Free Recipe

Vegan Chicken, Lime and Avocado Soup Free Recipe

This is probably one of my favorite soup recipes right now, it is super simple, inexpensive and full of flavor.  The original recipe was not made vegan but easy to change to vegan.  If you have never had this type of soup, try it!  It’s like a Mexican twist on a simple chicken soup.  Mmmm  Original Free Recipe  To make vegan use vegan chicken broth (I love Better than Bouillon Chicken-free broth) and Vegan Chick’in strips from Trader Joe’s (the only option in our area).

Vegan Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chip Bake. Free RecipeBaked Oatmeal is loved by Genki Husband so I try to accommodate on days I wake up early.  It is not as easy as making traditional oatmeal on the stove or instant but it does make the house smell good.  (…not to mention making Genki Husband happy in the morning before work makes my day a bit better each and every time.)  This can be made ahead, covered and placed in the fridge for the next morning.  Take it out just as wake up and let it warm up a bit to room temperature and pop in the oven.  Free Recipe  To make vegan the way I did:  use vegan chocolate chips, mixed trader joes raw nuts mixture, vegan almond milk, omit egg, omit butter and add an extra banana (just because I love bananas).

Vegan pizza rev options palmdale californiaCan we just take a moment to appreciate this vegan pizza?  What do vegans eat?  Yep, this is what we get to devour and not feel guilty after eating the entire thing.  This is from Pizza Rev, made with vegan cheese, and contains just about every vegetable available.  You get to choose whatever veggie you want and the amount you desire.  The only thing I would want changed is a real dough, what’s with wafer thing pizza dough in California?  Love California but want my dough back please.

Any suggestions for new recipes or products?