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workout motivation monday

There are times in our lives, whether we chose it or not, the path takes a sudden turn.  My pivotal turn was of recent upon our move across the nation to California.  Little country lifestyle as we knew it changed and our path taken lead us to a desert community just outside of Los Angeles, the 2nd largest city calculated by population in the USA.  Not even close in comparison to those in Asia but 66 in the world, a list of which our last city was not even considered to be mentioned.  Not only did the drive take a week to accomplish, our lives were turned upside down and twisted into something unlike we had ever imagined.  Instead of looking outside our windows we see palm and eucalyptus trees instead of pine and apple trees.  Change is good though and we took upon the challenge to look a new culture within the country we had been born.  On the back burner has our fitness and healthy eating plans taken a back burner.  It happens, it is okay, since we are always given another chance and a time to pool together ones’ courage and press that restart button.

With Springs’ arrival to the Northern Hemisphere, I hope to encourage all of you whom see to have lost that fitness/healthy-eating bug and do the same as me.  Restarting ones’ life for the better takes courage but it never impossible.  Try it, your future self will thank you for the move towards a healthier/happier life.

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What’s your favorite “restart” button method?