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Living in California has been a drastic change in my entire families life.  Taking the long drive from one coast to the other, living two months in a tiny extended stay condo in the mountains of Tehachapi, CA and the mental stresses the entire process imprints on the soul can be tiring.  It was time for Genki Husband and I to adventure out and find some peace and quiet for a couple of hours together in the wilderness.  After chatting with a few people, I heard of a Korean Buddhist temple in the mountains on the perimeter of Tehachapi.  It’s called Taegosah.

Taegosah is a Buddhist Monastery with the Chogye Order of Korean Buddhism.  It is a fully functioning temple, hence, on Sunday mornings visitors can come to services from 11AM-1PM.  Otherwise, visitors can enjoy the grounds from 8AM-5PM every weekday.  Freely tour the grounds around the buildings and enjoy entering the temple at your own pace.  Remember to remove your shoes before entering the temple for tradition, respect and upkeep of the flooring.  It is high in the mountains and visiting the monastery will help bring your emotions down and revive your spirit.