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Today, I want to express gratitude for all of you out there looking to start out on a new lifestyle, a healthy new beginning.  The hardest step is releasing the white knuckled grasp on the electronic device in your hand and lacing up those exercise shoes or rolling out the yoga mat, it’s all a matter of what your goals are for your future.  There are no set rules, just you and the open road of a new lifestyle.  Beginnings are just that, a new start, a turn in a path, a level up or even a restart.  No one is judging your status level, minus oneself own lack of confidence.  So today, I want to encourage all of you to start planning, don’t be afraid of a new beginning, there is always a start and a finish-line.  Plan it, do it.  It’s as simple as that…

Don't be afraid of being a beginner

Set some goals, then demolish them

Best thing I ever did was believe in me

Small changes can make a big differenceThe best way to get things done is to simply beginPositivity is the key to happinessworkout motivationworkout motivation believe you can

Today is your day to start making plans for your future you.  You can live in you current residence of dwell on the negative and wishing you were miles from your current location.  Or you can take that baby step out of your comfort zone and work towards show you want to be in the future.  Change doesn’t have to happen over night (and it won’t), simple make a goal plan and start working towards how you want to proceed.  Today might just be a 5 minute walk outside, a 10 minute yoga session and/or whatever makes you happy, as long as it is working towards what you wish to accomplish in life.  So get planning, don’t worry about being a beginner, we are all here together to encourage each other along the path.

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