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workout motivational monday

Motivational Monday is Back!!!  It’s true, 2016 is the Year of the Monday, my personal lunar year.  That means there are some major changes and celebrations setup for me and all of you monkey’s out there.  Even if you weren’t born in the year of the monkey, I feel there are some major changes in store for all of you too.  Change happens when we take that first step, whether it be in sandals, hiking boots or barefoot, it does not matter. Genki Friends I pray for all of you to have a successful year in all the good things you have planned for yourself.  With each other, we can all live a Genki (Healthy) life through encouragement and self-rejuvenation in our adventures.

Baby Steps work just as good as a leap into goals. Workout motivation

No excuses workout motivation

Workout motivationWorkout motivationworkout motivation

Never give up simple rule to exercisemake them jealous workout motivation

workout motivationworkout motivationSmile it's contagious

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Let me know what you are working on this year, in the comment section.