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Normally when Genki Husband and I have gone hiking, there are memorable photos of us in full hiking gear covered from head to toe in bug repellent and bush protectant clothes.  Well, now that we are Californians (although not official yet, gasp!), our hiking trips are much less than ordinary from our images on the East Coast.  We traded in our bug repellant for suntan lotion and our full head-to-toe hiking clothes for warmer weather ones.  It’s all an adventure into unknown territory, “a place where no man has gone before…”

Oh, yes, I did just quote Star Trek, that one quote is the extent of my knowledge base I am afraid.  Our friends took us to this famous geological location for the first time, our second week in Southern California.  Not being a Star Trek fan I had never heard of it but if you are familiar with the long-running series, you probably have seen similar photos of the ones posted in my video above a few hundred times.  Many other films and tv series, such as the Big Bang Theory, have been filmed in this very location.  There’s also some famous movies too, these I had never heard of but you can find out more information here.

Vesquez Rocks National Park is free to enter and explore, at your own risk.  If you just want to stop and see the rocks, feel free to walk right up to them or even drive around them.  It is not directly alongside the road, such as Big Bang Theory would like to have you believe but it is pretty close.  There is amble parking and everything is 100% free.  We did not go into the visitors center, however, I believe there are maps and more information available if you are like us and need a little guidance.  Our friends had been hiking at this site a few times so we just followed along.  It’s pretty simple to get around, but it is not 100% handicapped accessible.  I would not suggest this for anyone that is a weak walker or unsteady on his/her feet.  (Very unstable ground)  Leashed dogs are welcome to come along, just remember your own water as this is the desert and it will not be available.

Hope you enjoy our adventures and life stories along our path to becoming full-fledged Californians.  For now we are staying in an extended stay condo, but, we believe we might have found a house so fingers crossed we will be moving into our first California house soon.

Note:  More Info about Barry the Koala (seen the in the video)