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Today is the day, this is the last video of our trip traveling across the USA by car.  It was a week long adventure from Michigan to California but it turned out to be more eye awakening than we first expected.  Our intentions were to bring along as many entertainment items as possible to keep ourselves busy during the hours of boredom along the open road.  Strange as it may seem, our trip was filled with floods, blizzards, earthquakes and bouts of sunshine along the way.  It was a trip we will never forget, our stories will be able to live for many years to come as we relive them through the time honored tradition of storytelling.

As you might remember, my husband and our 2 furry babies decided to play it safe and remain in Flagstaff, Arizona for an extra day.  Normally on New Years Eve, our little family stays home away from the crazy drivers on the road and enjoy a blissful night in together.  What better way to celebrate the coming of a new year but with loved ones?  This year was a bit odd seeing as we were on a schedule and both needed to begin work on January 4th, 2016.  So instead of being in our own house, we chose the only hotel in the area that was slightly nice, also permitting animals.  More hotels need to jump on the bandwagon will allowing animals, not only are they usually more clean but also more quiet than children.  The hotel we stayed in we heard children screaming, yelling, running around the entire night.  I’m certain no one even knew we had animals in our hotel room, besides the hotel staff.

So we celebrated the coming of the New Year with a special treat from a local vegan eatery and then the next day took off to start the new year in our new home state.


  1. WHyld Ass Vegan Restaurant: A plant-based restaurant that is located on 101 S San Francisco St, Flagstaff, AZ 86001.  The location is a bit hard to find at first but know that it can be found with a GPS and is off the main city streets.  We loved going into this restaurant, we probably would live there if we were close enough.  The employees were very outgoing and energetic, we felt at home instantly.  It was not busy, but then the streets were not full, seeing as everyone else was at home taking naps for the big night ahead.  This was great for us though as we had just spend an entire day adventuring with our 2 furry babies in the Grand Canyon.  As normal, the items I had preplanned to order were all out but we ended up getting quesadillas and a wet burrito.  Both were terrific but if I had to chose again, I would definitely go for the quesadillas instead of the burrito.  Genki Husband agreed, I don’t even have to ask seeing as we fought over the last piece.  We also purchased a cupcake but we ended up tossing it, no flavor even though it looked so tempting. So go for the quesadillas but leave the baked items.  (Our suggestion)
  2. Del Taco:  This was just on a whim because we were hungry and our search came up with nothing else along the way.  Genki Husband was “starving” so we made a stop seeing as they did have adaptable items to make vegan.  Plus it helped it was a California founded restaurant and we were representing. We ordered everything without dairy products, nothing is 100% vegan until you ask for no dairy.  We ordered a burrito and also a fajita bowl.  Both were good and the price was reasonable, think Taco Bell but fresh.

Places of Interest Shown in the Video:

Seeing as we were making this our last day, to tell the truth our butts were tired of being in the car seats, we hurried along and did not make many stops.  There is not much around Arizona into California so this was just fine with us.  The scenery does get a bit bland for a while but that’s when I started to teach myself knitting.  Yep, I took a few knitting projects along the way and did not really get into it until the last day.  Little did I know I was going to love it as much as crocheting, I would have taken it up a bit earlier so engage myself a bit more.  But, that’s what podcasts and music are for right?  I also spend a lot of time chatting to my girlfriend in Australia too, as the time is better to converse with the time being Pacific time.  There is a 3 hours difference between the two coasts.

Our trip was so wonderful, I am not a car driving type of person, a plane girl born and raised.  But, traveling across America really opened my eyes to the vast difference between all of the states.  Never once did I want to travel all the “states in-between” but now I want to spend more time in all of them.  When driving across, one can see so many different landscapes, cultures and even weather patterns.  Genki Husband and I were joking every ten minutes we were pointing at something new to see along the road.  It is just something everyone should do at least once!  I’ve traveled the world but now I want to add in all of the states.  We are well on our way, a few more to go but that just leaves something for the future.

Have you traveled by car across the USA?  What is your favorite state?  Or, what is your favorite place to go by car around the world?  I would love to know everyone opinion, it might give us more ideas for future trips.