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Traveling across the USA can be done in as little as 3 days, I would not suggest it unless time is very precious to your schedule.  Our schedule was planned to fit into the  holiday gap just after Christmas and before New Years Eve.  Thus, our intentions were to travel straight through from Michigan to California but we had some trepidation of traveling on New Years Eve to a new location in the dark.  In total we would have traveled maybe 10 hours on New Years Eve, something we were not ready to handle sharing the road with the holiday drivers.  So we planned to spend an extra day in Flagstaff, Arizona to not only have a little relaxation after the last 5 days of traveling by car and to spend the holiday in style.

Places of Interest Shown in the Video:

  1. Grand Canyon: Our idea of a special holiday on the road is a national park, one of the most notable in the USA, the Grand Canyon.  The national treasure can easily be entered in the north and the south.  During the winter months, the north rim is closed.  This was actually our reason for traveling the southern route instead of the more popular northern route during the winter months.  It all worked out in the end though to see the Grand Canyon with snow.  There is a fee per car, when we visited it was around $30.00, but if you have a National Park Pass then you get in for free. Tip: Make sure you get a map, it will help you figure out where to drive and what to expect along the way.


Another day, another day with very few options for vegan food.  There is a grocery store and a few restaurants along the route on the southern rim but we chose to go ahead and have what we had already.  We filled up on energy bars, peanut butter pretzels and so on.  Seeing as it was New Years Eve, we planned on going to a special restaurant and taking the food back to the hotel.  I’ll show you are meal in the next video Flagstaff to California.

Do you have any other locations to add to the list? Leave your comments below.