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Travels through New Mexico, USA.  Thankfully we made it through the state of New Mexico and into our hotel in Santa Rosa, NM just before the sun was setting.  Our hopes were to get to the hotel just at this time to see the sunset over the valley from our hotel situated just atop the mountain.  It was the perfect timing and a gorgeous way to end the day’s long drive.  By today, we were getting a bit tired of being in the car, only to be accented by the flat terrain and empty, snow covered fields.  Our travels began…

Our travels began near the top region of New Mexico, to which we traveled the entire route across.  Little did I know of the state before leaving on this nationwide trip but found it to be a state with gorgeous mountain plateaus few and far between.  For some reason I expected NM to be filled with ragged rock mountains protruding through the earth’s core in red hues unlike other states.  To my astonishment, the state looked very much like those we had already traveled through, only with slight changes with a peak here and there.  It is a place that holds secrets underneath and in the center of it’s borders I believe, just not in the upper regions.  Hence, our photos this day are not as exciting once again.  There were a few things of interest as we traveled to a few stops along the way (miles and miles apart from each other); see the list below for more details.

Tip:  If traveling this part of the state, please take along food, there is nothing along the way unless you enjoy plastic wrapped fueling station food with unknown expiration dates.  Additionally, even if you don’t have to use the restroom but see one along the path – stop!  It will be miles before the next one and there are no bushes available along route 66.

Places of Interest Shown in the Video:

Below are all of the locations we visited, shown in the video.  Again, this is a state with miles of free land so not much was done on this date besides the occasional fueling station along the path.  We drove Route 66 from Oklahoma City to New Mexico on this date but I have separated the videos to make them a bit shorter for viewing purposes.  Next Up: Arizona!

  1. Lupton Tee Pee Trading Post:  All American made products, most are supposed to be handmade from Tomahawk Indians.  This is located on Grant St on the Arizona/New Mexico border but we noticed it was actually in New Mexico, minor technicality though.  This was a fun stop along the way, we were able to feed treats to some feral cats and also talk to the friendly owners of the Tee Pee.  If you have time, this is a great stop along Route 66 just to stretch the legs and purchase a few goodies for loved ones expecting something from your travels.
  2. Blue Hole (see here for more details): An artisan spring-fed hole in the ground that is said to be a scuba-diving location for enthusiasts.  For my uneducated eyes, it is a very deep hole in the ground that allows tourists to come and swim in the summer months. (no idea if there is a fee)  The day of our visit, it was cold (snow on ground) and we could see a good distance into the hole.  If I weren’t afraid of enclosed areas and was certified to scuba dive in small areas, I am sure this would be a fascinating location.  It was relaxing just to watch the trees sway in the wind in the reflection on the water the day we visited.  Definitely worth a visit if traveling through.  A large, free parking lot is available right up to the Blue Hole.


Travels on this day were very difficult, not because we are vegan but because the road is just an endless cement line centering in on fields of deserted land.  We lived in Indiana for too long, seeing endless amounts of corn fields so this was not as exciting for us Easterners.  But, if you are from a large city, this area will definitely be a sight to see the true American wilderness.  We planned ahead for this day of endless road travels through the fields of this great country.

  1. Trader Joe’s:  2200 Uptown Loop NE, Albuquerque, NM.  There are two in the city however this location is less than 5 minutes from Route 66.  It was a large store so we would highly suggest going to this location over the other one.  There is also a Whole Foods Market in the area, so go ahead and stock up on cream cheese, bagels, peanut butter, sandwiches and so on before the drive.


  1.  La Quinta Inn & Suites: 2277 Historic RTE 66, Santa Rosa, NM 88435.  This is one of the only pet-friendly hotels in the area so make sure you book ahead as it tends to get completely booked, even during the weekdays.  We arrived and the hotel was booked full and weary travelers were being sent off on the path to find another one.  Our opinion was the hotel was overpriced and needed a good overhaul.  Seeing as it is one of the hotel hotels in the area for hundreds of miles, the hotel can get whatever rates asked for upon being the only one.  But it is available, so if you need a place and can’t drive a longer distance it is available.

Santa Rosa, NM Note: This is a small community in the middle of endless plain fields, so vegan options are very minimal.  We couldn’t even find a grocery store, although we could have just been missing it as we drove in the dark looking for ideas. We ended up going to a cute 1950’s-style cafe and ordering some Mexican food.  We requested everything to be made vegan but unfortunately even with asking for no dairy (cheese), meat products, lard and etc we were served cheese in the beans and burrito.  We tried to pick everything out but I’m sure we were not 100% vegan that night.  Additionally, we were turned away from the Silver Moon Cafe because they don’t allow changes in the menu (Not worth the visit if vegan or vegetarian!).  I’m assuming everything is made ahead of time and reheated since no changes are allowed; so we were probably lucky we didn’t buy food at this establishment.

Do you have any other locations to add to the list? Leave your comments below.