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After a brief pause of the weekend, today I wanted to share with you our travels through the panhandle of Texas.  After our previous trip to Texas, I really wanted to spend some more time there however it was just a short trip seeing as we were traveling with our furry babies.  It may have been short but it definitely “spurred” our interests in going back again.  Unfortunately I was unable to find my favorite pickled jalapeños this time around so I will put on my eye patch, collect my shoulder parakeet and go on the treasure hunt for them next time around.  For now, here’s our traveling through Texas making a few noteworthy stops along the way.

Sorry for the delay by 1/2 a day, the internet in the extended stay condo we currently are staying is was out today.  Hopefully it will work accordingly from now on.

Places of Interest Shown in the Video:

  1.  Groom Cross Sculptures: Titanic Texas Tribute: Right of I-40 into Groom, TX.  You will see the large white cross take exit 112, then drive west until you get to the religious park.
  2. Cadillac Ranch: I-40 take exit 60.  Follow the signs about 1 mile until a large loosely gated field appears next to the highway.  The art site is free, just remember to bring walking shoes as it is located in a  field and can be a bit too much for someone, say, in heels.
  3. Route 66 Midpoint Sign:  I-40 exit 23 onto old route 66.  This is the middle of the route from Chicago to Los Angeles, a sign to photograph to mark this pivotal point. There are also two stores located at this point (closed when we arrived due to weather), that is actually the inspiration for Flo, Disney Car’s movie.
  4. Russell’s Travel Center: I-40 and HWY 93/392, right off the Route 66.  This is technically a gasoline fueling station however it is about the size of an average CVS store, filled to the brim with Route 66 merchandise and also a museum with personally collected memorabilia by the owner of the station.


This route was a bit hard seeing as there is basically nothing along the path from Oklahoma City through Texas in the panhandle.  We ended up eating a lot of our prepared meals along the way so we didn’t have to stop and eat something non-vegan.  Most of the time we were in the middle of fields, nothing available for miles at end.  I would suggest taking along some food in a cooler for this part of the trip if you are a healthy vegan eater.  There are gasoline stations along the path but it is general fare, nothing to speak of very highly.  Even non-vegans will have a hard time finding something of interest.  So, yep, take along some food for the ride and enjoy the scenery.


We did not stay in Texas on this leg of the trip but rather drove through Texas into New Mexico.  Our trip was sectioned out and it ended up we could not manage to stay in Texas because it would have not been enough hours in one day for travels.

Up Next, New Mexico!