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Happy New Year 2016!  New Years Resolution

Greetings from California!  Yes, it is true, we made the long 6-day trip out to California from the Indiana/Michigan area over the holiday.  From start to finish, our trip voyaged across an astonished collection of 9 different American states.  Genki Husband and I keep thinking of buying an American map to chart all the states we have traveled together since being married, including outlying ones.  Some day we wish to bucket list all of the states and territories.  For now though, we are amazed at the ones we have checked off our list in such a short time.  Why would this be on our bucket list, simply seeing as each hour or so there is something different to look at in the landscaping and cultural variations in each one.  Sometimes there are differences just within city limits, so astonishing to an eastern coast girl such as myself.

So in the following couple weeks, I hope to slowly dispense to you all the beauty of our  home country by sharing videos/photo collections from our travels.  So get ready for the adventure through our eyes across America.

Best Wishes for the New Year!  May this be the year your dreams come true!