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Meijer Organic Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Meijer is a local grocery store chain in the eastern/midwest area, catering to all types of dietary restrictions.  It is considered the metropolis of most small towns in the area, so on our occasional outings to the store we go on treasure hunts to find something new that is accidentally vegan.  Enter one of our latest trips in Michigan and the treasure hunt for vegan approved chocolate chips to make chocolate chip cookies.  (Christmas essentials for the men in my family.)

Meijer True Goodness Chocolate Chips

Normally Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips are seen in our shopping cart but Meijer just rolled out a new line of chocolate chips under the brand name, “True Goodness”.  Not all stores sell this brand of vegan approved chocolate chips just yet, however if others feel the same way as us, all stores will soon.  Compared to our current favorite Ghirardelli, Meijer’s True Goodness brand is $1.00 cheaper and is organic.  Currently this is the case but as for the future, I am not sure if this will stay the same but for now it is a great option.

Taste wise, you will not be disappointed.  For now I can compare the True Goodness and the Ghirardelli brands seeing as these are the only two options in our local area for vegans.  These chocolate chips are similar in shape, size and flavor.  There is a slight less smooth taste compared to Ghirardelli brand but otherwise it would be hard to tell the difference when baked in a cookie or for melting into chocolates.

Chocolate chip cookies are a favorite during the holidays, so if you are looking to save a bit of money and have an organic option then I would highly recommend these if you can find them in your stores.  In Michigan I was able to find this brand but unfortunately in South Bend, Indiana (location where I live) it was not available.

Anyone else tries these True Goodness Chocolate Chips?

*Disclaimer:  True Goodness! Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips were vegan on the date of purchase.  Companies constantly change ingredients so it is always a good idea to double check the nutritional facts and ingredients list.